Where Are Christina and Jamie’s Son in Yellowstone? Does Jamie Still Meet Them?

The fourth season of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone’ depicts the reunion of Jamie Dutton and his former partner Christina. Not only she returns to his life but also introduces their son to Jamie, who sees the little boy for the first time. Their togetherness, however, doesn’t last. Christina and Jamie’s son do not appear in the fifth season of the show, at least until the fifth episode of the season. In the fourth episode of the season, Beth Dutton comes to know that Jamie has a son. As Beth gets startled to know the same, we have been wondering where the little boy and Christina are. If you are intrigued about the same, let us share our theories! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Jamie Meet Christina and His Son?

Christina returns to Jamie’s life with their son when she realizes that Jamie has come out of the Duttons’ influence. She has always wanted her partner to be independent but Jamie chooses to be with his family, which makes Christina part ways with her. When Jamie buys a new estate to be with his biological father Garrett Randall, Christina realizes that her partner isn’t the same person anymore. To fulfill her promise, she comes back. But Beth’s decision to force Jamie to kill Randall must have changed Christina’s decision to form a family with the Attorney General.

When Jamie kills Randall to follow Beth’s orders, Christina must have thought that he can never come out of the influence of the Duttons, likely leading her to leave Jamie and return to her old life. If that’s the case, Christina must be in her unrevealed hometown with her and Jamie’s son. Since Jamie still has a seat attached to his car for a baby, he must be still meeting them, most likely for the sake of their son. Even if Christina doesn’t want to be with him, she may not be able to stop him from meeting his own child, which may have been allowing Jamie to visit the little boy once in a while.

If Jamie and Christina haven’t broken up, he must have asked the latter to stay away from Beth for her and their son’s sake. In the fourth season finale, Beth makes it clear that she wouldn’t hesitate to kill him if it becomes an absolute necessity. She further destroys his life by forcing him to kill Randall. Jamie may not want Christina and their son to be next on the line. More than anyone, Jamie knows the depths and severity of Beth’s wrath and he wouldn’t want to risk the safety of his partner and their son by staying with them. Thus, Jamie must have instructed Christina to live in an undisclosed location.

In addition, the last thing Jamie would want to do to Beth is to inform her that he has become a father when she cannot be a mother because of him. When Beth got pregnant with Rip’s child, Jamie took her to a clinic and approved her sterilization along with her abortion, which stops her from conceiving a child. Jamie is seemingly aware that Beth seeing his son would only infuriate her and the same must have made him take Christina and their son to a safe location, away from Beth’s reach. In the fourth episode of the season, Beth even threatens to take the baby away from Jamie, justifying his possible worries concerning her threat.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that Christina and her and Jamie’s son are living well away from Jamie, most likely for their safety. Jamie must have been visiting Christina and their son occasionally. The baby seat in his car is a clear indication that his son is still a part of his life. In the upcoming episodes of the fifth season, we may see how Jamie will protect Christina and their son from Beth in case she decides to scare him by threatening the mother and son.

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