Hallmark’s Everything Puppies: Filming Locations and Cast Details

The Marni Banack directorial, Hallmark’s ‘Everything Puppies,’ is about the whirlwind romance between a talented entrepreneur and a charming client. Scarlett, an ambitious entrepreneur and inventor, is incessantly working towards leaving a positive impact in the competitive industry of gourmet doggie goodies by creating high-quality and innovative dog toys and treats. Although her latest recipe for puppy treats is tried and tested by her neighbors with their dogs and has been a hit, she faces difficulty in the distribution aspect of her highly-rated products.

In need of a distributor, Scarlett meets Alex at Happy Harvest. When he learns about her products, he believes that they have the potential to become popular among his customers. When Scarlett and Alex begin working together and find immense success, a competitor attempts to rain on their parade by shutting down everything they have built together. Originally titled ‘Puppies Everywhere,’ the romantic movie is made all the more gripping by the inclusion of some interesting backdrops.

Everything Puppies Filming Locations

Shooting for ‘Everything Puppies’ was carried out entirely in the Canadian province of Ontario, as the cast and crew made the most of its vastness and versatility. Primarily filmed in Ottawa, the principal photography for the Hallmark movie seemed to have taken place in late 2023, probably around November of the same year.

Ottawa, Ontario

All the pivotal sequences of ‘Everything Puppies’ were lensed in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. Situated in the southern portion of Ontario, the city’s neighborhoods and streets were turned into film sets as the cast and crew members took over various establishments for the taping of the feel-good movie. As the title suggests, dogs were also an integral part of the production team, who enjoyed their company on the set. Stephen Huszar, who portrays Alex, shared his experience of working with dogs in a conversation with the US Magazine.

Claiming that the dogs were pretty calm throughout the shooting process, Stephen said, “My dog wasn’t a puppy. He was so, so calm. I was washing him, went for a run with him and stuff, and he was very, very patient. They were, they were great on set.” Talking of set, it is highly likely that a few important scenes of the Hallmark production were recorded in a sound stage of one of the film studios located in and around Ottawa. In another interview with Heavy, Stephen said that he preferred shooting away from home as “It’s easier to shoot away from home.”

He elaborated, “I find that you can focus more. You know, you’re not sort of in your regular routine. When you’re in character or trying to portray a different sort of life, it’s nice to get yourself outside of that habitual environment and get in something that’s different. So I actually prefer being in a hotel and shooting elsewhere. Less distractions.” Apart from ‘Everything Puppies,’ the facilities and talents of Ottawa have also been utilized in the production of many other film projects over the years. Some of the notable ones include ‘Romance with a Twist,’ ‘Winter Castle,’ ‘Fit for a Prince,’ ‘Never Too Late to Celebrate,’ ‘The Most Colorful Time of the Year,’ and ‘Boyfriends of Christmas Past.’

Everything Puppies Cast

Alberta native Pascal Lamothe-Kipnes essays the role of the protagonist, Scarlett, in ‘Everything Puppies.’ Following her passion for acting, Pascal got herself enrolled in quite a few drama and acting courses from different universities, landing starring roles in several TV shows, including CW’s ‘Charmed‘ and ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.’ Moreover, she was nominated for a Leo Award in the Best Lead Performance category for her compelling performance in ‘Heart of Gold.’ On the other hand, Stephen Huszar portrays Alex, who is the love interest of Scarlett.

Early on in his career, Stephen landed recurring roles in various shows like ‘Smallville,’ ‘Corner Gas,’ ‘The Fringe,’ and ‘Paradise Falls.’ You might also recognize him from some movies, such as ‘Milton’s Secret,’ ’30 Days of Night: Dark Days,’ ‘Rabid,’ ‘The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost,’ ‘Undercover Holiday,’ and ‘A Royal Christmas Crush.’ The Hallmark production also features other talented cast members in supporting roles, including Kathryn Davis as Gina, Randy Thomas as Lee Dunbar, Darrin Baker as Paul Frasca, Victoria Maria as Michelle, Anas Hasan as Bennie, Curtis Legault as an assistant, and Kayla Lakhani as security.

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