The Jane Mysteries Inheritance Lost: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Hallmark’s ‘The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost’ is a mystery film that follows Jane DaSilva, a singer who has come into possession of a non-profit detective agency from her late uncle. Immediately she’s thrust into a complex case about a woman’s death years before. But while Jane may run the detective agency now, she is no detective herself, so she takes the help of her Aunt Sadie and Detective John Cameron.

As the three delve deeper into the case, a conspiracy long in the making starts to rear its ugly head and target them as well. Directed by Marco Duefemia, the film has a lot of unexpected twists and turns and more than a few disguises in Aunt Sadie’s closet. If you wish to know more about the location the mystery is set in, read on!

The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost Filming Locations

‘The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost’ was filmed entirely on location in Ontario, specifically in the city of Toronto. The city is the capital of the Ontario province and is known for its bustling metropolis, all of which rests under the watchful eye of the CN Tower, which stands at 1,815 feet in length. Toronto’s urban landscape is a stand-in for cities such as New York, Washington D.C., Paris, and London and is therefore used by many production companies for filming. Let’s take a closer look at the specific locations used in ‘The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost.’

Toronto, Ontario

Though not a lot is known about the exact places that were used to lens ‘The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost’ in Toronto, it is easy enough to understand why the city was used as the site for the story. The city, located along Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore, has an abundance of long-established and well-renowned studios, post-production companies, special and visual effects companies, and equipment houses.

To match this, the city is also home to a slew of professional cast and crew members and government-run incentives programs that are beneficial for both new and veteran filmmakers. Other notable films that were shot in Toronto include ‘The Man from Toronto,’ ‘X-Men,’ ‘American Psycho,’ ‘Mean Girls,’ ‘Orphan,’ ‘Shazam!,’ ‘The Shape of Water,’ and ‘The Vow.’

The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost Cast

‘The Jane Mysteries: Inheritance Lost’ features Jodie Sweetin in the lead role as the debonair Jane DaSilva. The actress started her career in the late 80s with television shows like ‘The Hogan Family’ and ‘Full House.’ She has since then starred in varied and well-known productions (Both television and film) that include ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ ‘Finding Santa,’ ‘Entertaining Christmas,’ ‘Beyond the Edge,’ and ‘A Cozy Christmas Inn.’

Joining Sweetin in the role of Detective John Cameron is Stephen Huszar. The Canadian actor has had quite an illustrious career thus far, appearing in hit productions like CW’s ‘Smallville,’ ‘The Fringe,’ and ‘Paradise Falls.’ Huszar’s other notable roles include that of the villainous Plunder in CW’s ‘The Flash,’ and in the Hallmark film ‘Return to Christmas Creek’ and the ‘Ruby Herring Mysteries’ film series. Other prominent members of the cast are ‘Xena: The Warrior Princess’ fame Paris Jefferson, Jas Dhanda, and Brian Cook.

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