Where is WeCrashed Filmed?

Created by Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crevello, ‘WeCrashed’ is a drama TV series on Apple TV+. Based on the podcast ‘WeCrashed: The Rise and Fall of WeWork’ by Wondery, the show chronicles the rapid growth and eventual fall of commercial real estate startup WeWork, as well as the life of co-founder Adam Neumann. Furthermore, it delves into his relationship with his wife Rebekah and how they fall in love.

‘WeCrashed’ features a stellar cast led by Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway and takes the audience into the depths of the startup industry with its riveting narrative and sleek visual backdrop of New York City. Hence, viewers are quite eager to know where this intriguing show is filmed. Without further delay, here is everything we can tell you about the places where ‘WeCrashed’ is shot!

WeCrashed Filming Locations

‘WeCrashed’ is filmed entirely in New York, particularly in New York City and Atlantic Beach. Principal photography for season 1 most likely commenced in May 2021 and wrapped up on September 21, 2022, under the production title ‘Caviar.’ Now, let’s get a better look at the filming sites.

New York City, New York

‘WeCrashed’ is primarily filmed in New York City, the most densely populated city in the nation. Major portions of the show are lensed all over the metropolis, particularly in neighborhoods in Manhattan like Union Square and Gramercy Park, where the real Adam and Rebekah formerly owned some property.

The cast and crew additionally film several sequences near the World Trade Center and in the Astoria neighborhood in Queens. Some scenes are seemingly filmed at the Kaufman Astoria Studios, located at 34-12 36th Street and further on Broadway and 30th Street. A few parts of the inaugural season were filmed around Park Avenue, Lexington Avenue, and Madison Avenue. The production for the first season also took place in the Lipstick Building, a 453-foot tall skyscraper at 885 Third Avenue.

New York City lies on the New York Harbor, which is one of the largest natural harbors in the world. The city consists of the five boroughs of Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. A major international center of finance, culture, education, entertainment, politics, and tourism, New York City is popularly called the “Capital of the World.”

Some of the most iconic landmarks in the city are the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Grand Central Terminal, Times Square, Central Park, and the Empire State Building. Moreover, TV series like ‘DMZ,’ ‘Life & Beth,’ ‘Severance,’ and ‘The Gilded Age‘ were also filmed in New York City.

Atlantic Beach, New York

Atlantic Beach is another filming site for ‘WeCrashed.’ The beach scenes from season 1 were reportedly taped at the Shores at Atlantic Beach, a luxurious beach club situated at 1845 Ocean Boulevard. Located in the Town of Hempstead in Nassau County, Atlantic Beach is famous for its sprawling beaches and summer vacation homes. It was used to store alcohol from nearby ships during the Prohibition era and became a crucial lookout point during World War 2.

Moreover, the village has seen some notable residents over the years from reputed business and political families as well as actors and musicians. Atlantic Beach has also served as the shooting site of the hit movies ‘Goodfellas‘ and ‘She’s the One’ and TV shows ‘The Sopranos‘ and ‘Boardwalk Empire.’

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