Meet Me Under the Mistletoe: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

The Robin Dunn directorial, GAF’s ‘Meet Me Under the Mistletoe,’ is a Christmas-themed romantic comedy film that follows two rival real estate agents — Eva and Jeff — both of whom wish to receive the most coveted listing in town during the first snow of the season. Although their wishes come true, it comes at a cost — they must work together. Eva and Jeff must put their rivalry aside as they are hired by a big-shot botanist and mistletoe grower to sell a special house, before Christmas.

While the two realtors begin by tolerating each other, their job, soon, brings them closer to one another as they spend more and more time together. Originally titled ‘A Christmas Commission,’ the romantic movie unfolds in the setting of Christmas against the backdrop of some interesting locations, making the viewers wonder where ‘Meet Me Under the Mistletoe’ was filmed.

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Was Shot in Manitoba

‘Meet Me Under the Mistletoe’ was filmed in the Canadian province of Manitoba, especially in and around Winnipeg. As per reports, principal photography for the holiday-themed film got underway in late August 2023 and continued for about a couple of weeks, before getting wrapped up in mid-September of the same year.  So, let’s take a detailed look at all the specific sites that served as production locations for the GAF movie!

Winnipeg, Manitoba

The capital of Manitoba — Winnipeg — hosted the production of ‘Meet Me Under the Mistletoe’ as the filming unit set up camp across the city to lens several pivotal sequences. Named after Lake Winnipeg, the city was draped in Christmas celebrations earlier than usual as the production team decorated various streets and neighborhoods for the purpose of filming. During the shooting schedule, the locals spotted a number of Christmas trees that helped the cast and crew members establish the setting of Christmas in the backdrop.

Given Winnipeg’s impressive provincial tax credit and the versatile backdrops it offers, including the wilderness and historic districts, it can be utilized to double for different parts of the world. The vastness of the capital’s landscape can be seen in the backdrop of several scenes as you might be able to spot a number of attractions and buildings, such as the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Saint Boniface Cathedral, Esplanade Riel bridge, the Manitoba Legislative Building, Old Market Square, and the Centennial Concert Hall.

Since it is a popular shooting destination among filmmakers, Winnipeg’s locales have been featured in multiple film and TV projects over the years. As a matter of fact, besides ‘Meet Me Under the Mistletoe,’ the city fills the background of ‘Holiday Hotline,’ ‘The Santa Summit,’ ‘Christmas at the Plaza,’ ‘‘Tis the Season to be Merry,’ and ‘The Holiday Shift.’

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe Cast

In the GAF movie, Sarah Fisher essays the role of Eva, one of the two realtors who work together. Gaining fame and recognition for her role as Becky Baker in ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation,’ Sarah went on to bag several starring roles in numerous projects, such as ‘Full Out,’ ‘Friends Who Kill,’ ‘A Baby at any Cost,’ ‘His Fatal Fixation,’ ‘Deadly Double Cross,’ ‘A Harvest Homecoming,’ and ‘She Inherited Danger.’ Opposite to her, Simon Arblaster dons the garb of Eva’s love interest and the other realtor — Jeff.

You might recognize Simon from his key roles in different film and TV projects, namely ‘A Love Yarn,’ ‘Ms. Match,’ ‘Bringing Christmas Home,’ ‘Modeled with Love,’ ‘Shortland Street,’ ‘Westside,’ and ‘This Blows.’ Besides the two lead actors, ‘Meet Me Under the Mistletoe’ also features a few other cast members in supporting roles, including Paul Essiembre as Frank Greer, Jan Skene as Kelly Greer, Jerni Stewart as Bonnie, and Kara Myskiw as a photographer.

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