The Christmas Break: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

Helmed by Prarthana Mohan, Fox’s ‘The Christmas Break’ is a family comedy movie that takes us to Ireland with Jack Bradford, and his wife Caroline. The couple visit Caroline’s family and friends for the holidays, with her relatives getting together for a big family reunion. Jack feels a little out of place but begins to settle in through a series of comedic interactions with nephews, nieces, aunts, Caroline’s friends, and ex-boyfriend. The newlyweds are still unsure of their future plans regarding children.

While Jack wants to be a father, interacting with kids at the gathering teaches him how difficult it will be. Caroline, on the other hand, starts out clear on not wanting them, causing further arguments and strain on an already stressful trip. However, seeing Jack immersed in the family spirit and getting along with everyone, might change her mind. As we follow their journey on the Irish vacation, visiting new places and meeting new people, one can find themselves wondering where the comedy movie was really filmed.

The Christmas Break Filming Sites

‘The Christmas Break’ was shot largely in and around Blessington and Dublin, Ireland. Principal photography began in the spring of 2022 and was wrapped up by the end of May 2022. The majority of the cast involved in the project are Dublin-based, including the lead actress. Therefore, it only made sense for the profusion team to tape the comedy-drama film in the Emerald Isle. Let us take a closer look at the destinations chosen by the film’s crew to lens its scenes.

Dublin, Republic of Ireland

True to the film’s plot, ‘The Christmas Break’ was filmed almost exclusively in Ireland, with a few scenes around its capital city of Dublin. The coastal city possesses an enigmatic charm and a quaint countryside, which complements the holiday film’s atmosphere well. With the movie revolving around Caroline’s family in a quiet neighborhood, not too many landmarks and distinct locations around Dublin feature in it.

Dublin’s cultural richness, picturesque settings, and welcoming spirit offer filmmakers an authentic canvas to depict the magic of the holiday season. Its blend of historical heritage and festive cheer makes Dublin an alluring choice for creating captivating Christmas movies filled with the enchantment of a holiday getaway. The city has also been the location chosen for filming holiday flicks such as ‘Christmas in Notting Hill,’ ‘The Man Who Invented Christmas,’ ‘An Old Fashioned Christmas,’ and ‘Christmas in Ireland with Imelda May and Friends.’

In addition, Dublin’s varied landscape, from its verdant rolling hills to its rainy cityscape, has provided filmmakers with an idyllic backdrop for prominent productions such as, ‘Euphoria,’ ‘Foundation,’Reign,’ ‘Cocaine Bear,’ ‘Braveheart,’Penny Dreadful,’ and ‘The Count of Monte Cristo.’

Blessington, Republic of Ireland

Situated on the River Liffey, the historical town of Blessington was used as a primary filming destination for Fox’s Christmas movie. The vast open expanses surrounding the town, coupled with its scenic waterfront and rich cultural heritage, make it a truly sensational destination for a holiday-themed film. The quiet natural ambiance of the town is evident in outdoor scenes of the movie, with rolling terrain stretching into the background.

The Gaelic football scene, with Jake meeting Caroline’s ex, was lensed in this Wicklow County town, historically known as Ballycomeen. The region is covered in stunning natural beauty, from rivers and lakes to awe-inspiring misty mountains, presenting a mystical canvas for filmmakers. As such, it also appears in the backdrop of films and shows like, ‘Vikings,’ ‘Neverland,’ and ‘Dorothy Mills.’

The Christmas Break Cast

Justin Long is appropriately joined by a largely Irish cast in ‘The Christmas Break.’ Beginning as a theatre actor, Justin is recognized for his effortless comedic acting. He first drove into the limelight with his role in the 2001 horror film, ‘Jeepers Creepers.’ In the following years he continued to gain fame with supporting roles in films like, ‘Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,’ ‘Waiting…,’ and ‘ Herbie Fully Loaded.’ Starring opposite him is the Irish actress, India Mullen. She is most well known for essaying Peggy in the TV mini-series ‘Normal People.’ She can also be spotted in the shows, ‘The Vanishing Triangle,’ ‘The Peripheral,’ and ‘Brassic.’

Supporting cast for ‘The Christmas Break’ includes Tom Moran as Cormac, Ruth Kearney as Maeve, Cate Russell as Pauline, Owen Roe as Calum Reilly, Bríd Ní Neachtain as Nadine Reilly, Aoife Hughes as Saoirse, Arlo Buchanan as Liam, Aaron Monaghan as Aiden, and Shane G. Casey as Mike. The Fox production additionally features Nadia Forde as Denise, Oran Lynch as Pharmacy Assistant, Robert Mitchell as Finn, and Bill Murphy as Jerry.

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