Where was CBS’ Fit for Christmas Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

CBS’ ‘Fit for Christmas’ is a fun Christmas-themed movie that adds a unique twist to the romantic comedy genre. Directed by Jessica Harmon, it follows Audrey, a chirpy fitness instructor from Mistletoe, Montana, obsessed with everything related to Christmas. She conducts classes at the local community center, which she is deeply attached to. But given the center’s poor financial state, a mysterious businessman arrives in town to convert it into a luxurious resort, and Audrey clashes with him.

However, the pair’s differences soon pave the way for them to fall in love over the holidays, jeopardizing the businessman’s plans. Featuring stellar performances from the talented cast members and a fun-filled narrative, ‘Fit for Christmas’ keeps the audience entertained till the end. Moreover, the charming small-town setting and the cheerful Christmas visuals make them curious to know if the holiday romance was shot in Montana. So, if you’re looking for the same answer, allow us to enlighten you!

Fit for Christmas Filming Locations

‘Fit for Christmas’ was entirely filmed in British Columbia, specifically in Greater Vancouver and Abbotsford. Principal photography for the CBS movie commenced on August 14, 2022, and was wrapped up after two and a half weeks on September 1, 2022. British Columbia’s diverse landscape, which features snow-clad mountains, lush forests, rivers, urban cities, and charming small towns, is an ideal replacement for Montana, where the story is set. Now, let’s explore the particular places featured in the rom-com!

Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

‘Fit for Christmas’ was primarily lensed across Greater Vancouver, a metropolitan area comprising Vancouver and surrounding areas. The cast and crew mostly taped various scenes of the movie all around Vancouver, which is popular as a filming site for Christmas productions. Furthermore, they traveled to the nearby city of Burnaby, where they recorded additional portions in the famous Burnaby Village Museum at 6501 Deer Lake Avenue, Deer Lake Park.

Earlier known as Heritage Village, the open-air museum was founded in 1971 and houses the C.W. Parker Carousel, attracting countless tourists since 1912. Situated in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland Region, Greater Vancouver has a lot of prominence as a shooting location due to its gorgeous scenery, tax rebates on filming, and a giant network of trained actors and crew members. Several movies like ‘Three Wise Men and a Baby,’ ‘A Maple Valley Christmas,’ and ‘Time For Him to Come Home for Christmas‘ have been shot in the region.

Abbotsford, British Columbia

To tape additional parts of ‘Fit for Christmas,’ the production team set up camp in Abbotsford, a city adjacent to Greater Vancouver. They likely recorded scenes all around the city against suitable backdrops. The largest municipality in British Columbia outside Greater Vancouver, Abbotsford boasts picturesque views of Mount Baker and the Coast Mountains.

The city has numerous tourist attractions like Mill Lake Park, The Reach Gallery Museum, the Tretheway House Heritage Site, and the Mennonite Heritage Museum. The movies ‘Christmas in Tahoe‘ and ‘My Christmas Family Tree‘ were lensed in Abbotsford.

Fit for Christmas Cast

Amanda Kloots plays Audrey in ‘Fit for Christmas.’ The actress has previously appeared in the movie ‘The Irishman,’ and is the co-host of the popular TV show ‘The Talk.’ On the other hand, Paul Greene essays the handsome businessman who arrives in Mistletoe. Greene is no stranger to rom-coms since he can be seen in ‘Christmas CEO,’ ‘Christmas in Evergreen: Tidings of Joy,’ and ‘Campfire Kiss.’

In addition, the actor is best known for his performance as Dr. Carson Shepherd in the TV series ‘When Calls the Heart.’ Interestingly, Amanda Kloot’s young son, Elvis, also makes a special appearance in the holiday romance. Other cast members who play pivotal roles in the CBS movie are Mark Brandon, Jacklyn Collier, Rebecca Budig, Barclay Hope, and Darryl Hinds.

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