Lifetime’s How She Caught a Killer: Shooting Location and Cast Details

Based on a true story, Lifetime’s ‘How She Caught a Killer’ is a true crime drama film that follows rookie detective Linda Murphy who overhears her boss, Detective David Goodman, voicing his concerns about a serial killer in the area who has their crosshairs on sex workers. An aspiring nurse who is a former sex worker is the first of the many victims of the said serial killer. To make an impression as well as bring the killer to justice, Linda teams up with FBI agent Neil Carter.

Linda goes undercover in an attempt to investigate the murders better and in the process, arrest the one responsible for the killings. With
Robin Hays at the helm, the mystery movie does not only leave you with questions surrounding the identity of the serial killer but also the actual filming locations. Since the story is set in the 1980s and consists of a wide range of interesting sites, many of you are likely to be curious about where the movie was actually filmed.

How She Caught a Killer Filming Sites

‘How She Caught a Killer’ was filmed in its entirety in British Columbia, especially in and around Vancouver. Production on the true crime movie got underway in late April 2023 and took place over the course of the following three weeks or so, before wrapping up in May of the same year. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive right into all the specific locations that served as the backdrop for the Lifetime film set in the 1980s!

Vancouver, British Columbia

The shooting for most of the pivotal sequences of ‘How She Caught a Killer’ was carried out in Vancouver, the Hollywood North. Thanks to its vast and versatile terrains, the production team found it easy to drape several streets and neighborhoods in the decoration of the 1980s. Apart from that, its tax incentives, favorable exchange rates, and favorable climates might also have influenced their decision to set up camp in Vancouver.

From what it appears, the filming unit lensed some of the important interior scenes inside actual establishments. But we cannot rule out the possibility that a few scenes were taped utilizing the facilities of one of the film studios in and around the city, such as Vancouver Film Studios, Bridge Studios, Martini Film Studios, Eagle Creek Studios, and Ironwood Studio. When it comes to the exterior portions, they were recorded in a variety of locations, including the woods and several other secluded areas.

You are likely to spot quite a few landmarks and buildings associated with Vancouver in the backdrop, like the Harbour Centre, the Vancouver Art Gallery, Living Shangri-La, Robson Square, and the Vancouver Library Square. Over the years, the city’s locales have been featured in numerous movies and TV shows. Some of them are ‘Bad Times at the El Royale,’ ‘Double Jeopardy,’ ‘Murdoch Mysteries,’ and ‘The Killing.’

How She Caught a Killer Cast

In ‘How She Caught a Killer,’ Sarah Drew plays the role of Linda Murphy, a rookie detective fresh out of the police academy. The multi-talented actress landed her first major TV role portraying Hannah Rogers on the WB series ‘Everwood.’ After rising to prominence, she bagged roles in several film and TV projects, including ‘American Pastime,’ ‘Front of the Class,’ ‘Twinkle All the Way,’ ‘Christmas Pen Pals,’ ‘Cruel Summer,’ ‘Amber Brown,’ and ‘Reindeer Games Homecoming.’ Moreover, you are likely to recognize her from ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ where she portrays Dr. April Kepner.

Essaying the role of Linda’s partner, the FBI agent Neil Carter, Jamall Johnson has been featured in various productions. His face might seem familiar to many of you because he stars in ‘Chateau Christmas,’ ‘A Sugar & Spice Holiday,’ ‘Wendy Williams: The Movie,’ ‘Gone Mom,’ ‘Imperfect High,’ ‘Wedding of a Lifetime,’ and ‘Two Chefs and a Wedding Cake.’ The Lifetime production consists of several other cast members who play supporting yet key roles, including Graeme Duffy as Coroner, Benita Ha as Kristen Mills, Delilah Hamlin as the former sex worker, Eric Keenleyside as Detective David Goodman, Donavon Stinson as Stan Peterson, Bradley Stryker as Wilson, and Barbara Tyson.

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