Where Was Lifetime’s Strike Her Dead Filmed? Who is in the Cast? Is it a True Story?

‘Strike Her Dead’ is a thriller film that revolves around an all-star soccer player, Jenna Simms, who moves to a beachside town with her mother, Sally. Looking forward to her high school life and college scholarship, Jenna gets ready to make new friends and play soccer. However, things take a turn for the worse when she investigates the cover-up of another player’s death and subsequently gets framed for murder. Directed by Damián Romay, the murder mystery film sees Jenna desperately trying to clear her name and save her life.

The Lifetime movie delves into the competitive and messy world of high school soccer, portraying how many rely on sports to get scholarships for their college education. The realistic backdrops in the film convincingly depict the nature of a close-knit town and the diverse experiences of teenagers in high school. The visually stunning locales also help us see how the beachside town, in Jenna’s eyes, goes from being a breezy, comfortable place to a claustrophobic, terrorizing space. If you’re curious about where this film was shot or whether the narrative is based on true events, we’ve got you covered!

Strike Her Dead Filming Locations

Alternatively titled ‘Killer Cover Up,’ ‘Strike Her Dead’ was filmed in Savannah, Georgia. The city is known for its historical buildings, well-maintained neighborhoods, and cobblestoned parks. Let’s take a closer look at the specific filming locations.

Savannah, Georgia

‘Strike Her Dead’ was filmed in the charming city of Savannah in Chatham County, Georgia. It is the oldest city in the state and is known for its stunning coastal views, rustic antebellum architecture, and beautiful green parks. A quintessentially southern city, Savannah is recognized as the country’s first planned city.

Possessing a number of diverse and visually pleasing locations, Savannah works as the perfect spot for Jenna’s frightening misadventures — from tiring high school soccer practices to terrifying escapes from an actual murderer. The aesthetic beauty of the backdrops serves to heighten the impact of the horrific crimes being committed.

Clearly, the team behind ‘Strike Her Dead’ was attracted to the city’s elegant neighborhoods, large soccer grounds, sunny coasts, and beneficial tax incentives. Savannah’s 10% cash rebate, numerous film industry professionals, and Georgia’s 30% tax credit make the historical city an ideal filming location. Films like ‘Forrest Gump,’ ‘Gemini Man,’ ‘Lady and the Tramp,’ ‘Ford v. Ferrari,’ ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp,’ and ‘Baywatch’ were shot in Savannah as well.

Strike Her Dead Cast

‘Strike Her Dead’ stars Cece Kelly as the protagonist, the all-star soccer player Jenna Simms. Kelly is known for her work in ‘Through the Glass Darkly,’ ‘Big Freaking Rat,’ ‘Halt and Catch Fire,’ and ‘Family Camp.’ Starring as her soccer coach, Ritchie, is Marc Herrmann, recognizable for his work in ‘Christmas in Pine Valley,’ ‘Deadly Mile High Club,’ and ‘Blood Brothers.’ On the other hand, René Ashton essays the role of Jenna’s mother, Sally Simms. Ashton is recognizable from her roles in ‘This Is Us,’ ‘Westworld,’ ‘Before We Go,’ and ‘Fatal Following.’

The Lifetime murder mystery also features Nicole Wheeler as Grace, N’dia Lamar as Stacy, Grace Lawell as Alicia, Cristina Nuñez as Maria Tapia, and Alexandra Swartz as Cleo in supporting roles. Additionally, Dean Coutris, Greg Corbett, Chip Lane, and Kate Croonquist star as Detective Willow, Dan Rocklin, Joe Simms, and Candace, respectively. The film also sees Milly Figuereo as Frieda, Angelique Chase as Camilla Washington, and Chantey Colet as Principal Butler.

Is Strike Her Dead Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Strike Her Dead’ is not based on a true story. The Lifetime film combines the everyday realities of competitive high school soccer, teenage jealousy, and power politics amongst coaches in order to build a thrilling murder mystery. Written by Casey Bose, the film is fictional but does lift certain elements from real life to develop its narrative. In the film, Jenna encounters the difficulties of being a fresh face in an unfamiliar high school and a new city. However, as she tries to make friends and gel with her soccer teammates, dark secrets are revealed.

Packed with wild poolside Solo cup parties, tiring swimming practices, and terrifying disappearances — ‘Strike Her Dead’ certainly tries to capture both the mundane and bizarre experiences of adolescence. Additionally, at the heart of the film is the idea that a desire to succeed can force people into committing heinous crimes. For many, high school sports offer not only educational safety and fame but also an unhealthy obsession with success and perfection. Throw in some teenage romances and rivalries with peers, and you get a fantastically toxic mix of tropes and themes ideal for a murder mystery.

Thus, ‘Strike Her Dead’ is not based on a real story. However, it does take authentic elements from the high school experience of many teenagers and combines them with exaggerated storylines in order to present an entertaining murder mystery.

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