Who is Bartise’s Baby Mama? Who is Love is Blind Contestant Dating Now?

Since his reality TV debut in Netflix’s ‘Love is Blindseason 3, Robert “Bartise” Bowden has become quite famous as people worldwide have grown increasingly invested in what he is up to. Recently, the star was seen in another Netflix dating series called ‘Perfect Match,’ where he appeared alongside several other television celebrities. However, the latest reason behind Bartise’s surge in popularity is the news of his fatherhood. Now a parent to an adorable baby boy, the reality TV star has left people wondering about his child’s mother and whether or not he is currently in a relationship.

Tracing the Bartise’s Baby Mama Identity

On April 8, 2023, Bartise broke the news of his parenthood, much to the shock of people worldwide. “Might’ve been the villain on TV, but I’m going to be the hero for him. Instagram, meet my little man,” he wrote in the caption of the announcement post, referring to the negative light he had been cast since his ‘Love is Blind’ days. Proudly showing off his son, Hayden, the reality TV star did not disclose details as to who the mother of his son is.

Nevertheless, according to court documents obtained by Life & Style and Us Weekly, the baby mama is Olivia Gross, a Texas native who apparently works as a bartender. Her identity was disclosed within 24 hours of Bartise making the announcement due to various TikToks that she had shared on her account, though she has since turned the account private. Before Olivia’s connection to Bartise was established publically, she had been posting about her son’s growth progress on the video platform. In January 2023, she happily told her followers that her son had turned one-month old and was rolling over and lifting his head.

As of writing, neither Bartise nor Olivia have publically confirmed or denied the findings of the internet, which has only led people to grow even more sure of the news. If Hayden was born in or around December 2022, Bartise and Olivia probably knew each other before the former took part in ‘Perfect Match’ season 1, filmed in March 2022. At that time, Bartise had yet to appear on any television show. Through her TikTok account, Olivia shared that she had been unaware of her pregnancy for the first five months, but that does not seem to have diminished her joy as a parent.

Bartise is Likely Not Dating Anyone

It does not seem like Bartise Bowden is dating anyone as of writing. Though the reality  TV star has been associated with many women in the past, mainly due to his participation in various shows, he did not seem involved with them as of writing. His engagement with Nancy Rodriguez ended in ‘Love is Blind’ after he said no on the altar. In the ‘Perfect Match’ season 1 finale, he was partnered with Izzy Fairthorne, though it does not seem like they are dating.

Given Bartise’s new status as a father, many cannot help but speculate if he is now in a relationship with the mother of his son. Yet, this remains speculation since the ‘Love is Blind’ star has not disclosed any details regarding his love life. Instead, he remains focused on sharing his joy about being a parent and posting adorable photos and videos of himself and Hayden. The duo was even seen in the reunion of ‘Love is Blind’ season 4, with Bartise asking the married couples about their own plans regarding children.

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