Will There be a Malibu Rescue 3?

With the beautiful beaches of California in its backdrop and teen characters at its fore, ‘Malibu Rescue’ is a fun, family-friendly drama franchise that includes two movies and one series so far. Like all the other installments of the franchise, its recent movie addition, ‘Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave,’ isn’t a cinematic masterpiece. Even so, it’s one of those films that you can lay back and enjoy with your family members. With that said, if you’re wondering when Netflix will release the next installment of the ‘Malibu Rescue’ franchise, here’s everything you need to know.

Malibu Rescue 3 Release Date

The ‘Malibu Rescue’ franchise kicked off with a movie that premiered on May 13, 2019. Although not critically acclaimed, the movie was received quite well by most viewers who appreciated it for its family-friendly humor and themes. The movie’s success was followed by an eight-episode series which released on June 3, 2019, on Netflix. The most recent addition to the series, ‘Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave,’ serves as a sequel to both the movie and the series and uses its same old tropes and characters to present an enjoyable tween comedy.

Since Netflix only green lights sequels or second seasons based on the popularity of the content, ‘Malibu Rescue’ seems to have a good chance of getting more installments in the future. Unfortunately, as of now, Netflix has neither announced a second season nor a movie sequel for the franchise. But considering the popularity of the series and demand for its sequels, we expect ‘Malibu Rescue 3’ to release some time in Summer 2021. To know more about the prospects of ‘Malibu Rescue’ Season 2, you can refer to our preview of the same.

Malibu Rescue 3 Cast: Who is in it?

‘Malibu Rescue’ stars Alkoya Brunson (‘Atlanta,’ ‘The Originals,’ ‘Hidden Figures’)as Eric, Jackie R. Jacobson (‘The Night Shift’) as Dylan, Camaron Engels as Spencer, Jeremy Howard (‘Superstore,’ ‘Breaking Bad‘) as Vooch, Karthik Ash as Chote Pavey, Ryder Blackburn (‘Between Two Ferns: The Movie’) as Beans, Erin Flannery as Andrew’s mother, Zahf Paroo ( ‘The Good Doctor,’ ‘Altered Carbon,’ ‘The Magician’) as Thornton Pavey.

The additional recurring cast of the series includes Mary Passeri, Brennan Culpepper, Austin Fryberger (‘Huge in France’), Ella Gross, Cindy Mazur, Jeff Meacham (‘Black-ish’), Michael Mourra (‘Modern Family’), JT Neal, Catia Ojeda, Katie Rowe (‘True Blood’), Bryana Salaz, Sabrina Sangiacomo, Curtis Schurer (‘New Girl,’ ‘Lethal Weapon’), Petra Sprecher,  and Ian Ziering.

Malibu Rescue 3 Plot: What can it be about?

In the closing moments of ‘Malibu Rescue: The Next Wave,’ The Flounders lose The International Junior Rescue Championships but win everyone’s hearts. Along with that, through their acts of bravery, they draw enough attention to their camp, and several new students enroll in their summer program. The next movie could pick up from here and revolve around the day-to-day snags of the team as they train new aspiring rescuers. The Flounders lost against the Australian team but showed a lot of spirit, so it is also possible that they’ll get another chance to represent their country and finally win The International Junior Rescue Championships in the next movie.

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