15 Best Party Movies of All Time

Films are of many kinds. Rather than discussing the good, the bad, the formalistic, or the realistic classifications of cinema, I plan to talk about a certain category of film considered on the basis of viewership. There are some movies that you can only watch alone, and there are others that can be made more enjoyable when viewed with a group. Such films are mostly exciting, fast paced, and fall into the action, comedy, or horror genres. A ‘party film’ is one that can be seen and enjoyed with a whole bunch of people, usually at the end of a celebration when the wildness has been sedated and the gang decides to take a break by plopping on the couch and letting the screen take up the task of entertainment for a while. What are the best films to see during a party, though? Well, we’re here to help take care of that complication here, with our list containing some of the top party flicks ever made! You can watch some of these best party movies on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

15. Paranormal Activity (2009)

I fondly recall the first time I saw ‘Paranormal Activity’. It was with a couple of friends a little late after midnight. By the time the film had ended, we were all closely huddled and scared out of our wits. ‘Paranormal Activity’ has that sort of an effect on you. Though I will not deny the impact it has on the viewer when seen all alone, the experience is quite different and unique when seen in a crowd. The surreal environment of the picture alienates the filmgoer to the point of utter seclusion, at least in the mind, and so it’s comforting to have the extra shoulders to clutch onto.

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14. Seven Days To Live (2000)

‘Seven Days To Live’ is a ‘Stephen King’-inspired horror film that’s not very popularly known. It has developed a certain cult status as a midnight film though. Despite the movie’s best tries to scare its audience (with the obviously limited skillset backing the project), it isn’t effective throughout. A lot of this picture is laughably bad, but it is quite engaging. The plot has to do with a haunted house and its residents who slowly go through psychological changes as they prolong their stay in the place. The film isn’t very serious, and audience members can assure themselves a good time if they’re watching it in the aftermath of a grand party.

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13. The Avengers (2012)

Now surely, I couldn’t have gotten away without including at least one Marvel film on here, and so I opted for the best. ‘The Avengers’ is as exciting as a film can ever get. The superhero genre hasn’t given us much fresh material in the past couple years, save for films like ‘Deadpool’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, but ‘The Avengers’ reigns supreme over them all because of the ensemble cast, the massiveness of the project, and since it is technically a very good film as well. I’ve found that several superhero films have their quality diminishing upon rewatches, but such a situation has never risen in the case of this film, at least, for me. It’s both highly quotable and watchable.

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12. Red Eye (2005)

‘Red Eye’ is a tiny little thriller from the brilliant mind of the late filmmaker Wes Craven, and it offers a racy experience to its audience with some well-rounded characters, a tension-filled situation forming the base of a highly intriguing movie and enough self-awareness to allow the audience to shout and scream during the runtime of the film. Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy kill it here, in a film that isn’t too serious (neither is it too long) but happens to be a whole lot of fun.

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11. The Hangover (2009)

‘The Hangover’ has grown substantially over the past couple of years, especially as a staple party film. This is with good reason too. It’s a hilarious movie, with a high rewatch value, great characters, a fresh, quotable screenplay, and a beautifully original concept of a story forming the base to it all. ‘The Hangover’ works because of a brooding sense of mystery to the screwed up situation that takes place. It’s energetic, action-packed, and helps provide a laugh a minute. The best thing here is that as the runtime nears an end, the film only seems to get wilder.

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10. Don (1978)

‘Don’ is the type of action extravaganza that doesn’t give you a second to breathe. It has a flashy, colorful atmosphere about itself, donning great, memorable songs and iconic scenes as well as characters. Amitabh Bachchan plays the title character with such charisma that all of the films inherent flaws fall flat beneath him. The story to the film is filled with laughs, twists, and sheer mayhem that it doesn’t really allow you the time required to piece everything together. ‘Don’ is probably one of the coolest film ever made.

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9. The Hot Shots! Duology (1991 – ’93)

There are parody films, and then there are parody films. While movies like ‘Airplane!’ and ‘Scary Movie’ are regarded as some of the greatest parodies of all time, I feel that 1991’s ‘Hot Shots!’ and 1993’s ‘Hot Shots! Part Deux’ are more fitting when it comes to party related material. Both films are gut-bustingly hilarious, and make for a great double bill. Directed by Jim Abrahams, one of the genius minds behind the aforementioned ‘Airplane!’ and the ‘Naked Gun’ trilogy, ‘Hot Shots!’ is stupid enough to get its audience to gag all over its highly original, yet admittedly dumb sense of humor.

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8. Dumb and Dumber (1994)

‘Dumb and Dumber’ is, yet again, a film that relies completely on how stupid and moronic it can be with its handling of comedy. The spontaneous body language delivered by both Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels meld with an almost nonsensical plot in such a way that each of their absurdities join forces and become one. It honestly is one of the funniest films I’ve ever seen, and it isn’t hard to follow at all. ‘Dumb and Dumber’ has been praised time and time again for its self-aware style and execution, and though I don’t consider it to be Jim Carrey’s funniest, I do think it’s the best of his films that can be seen with a whole bunch of friends, especially at the close of a get-together.

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7. Predator (1987)

‘Predator’  is a fun thriller, and a totally iconic piece of cinema. From extremely memorable dialogues to an excessive macho set-up providing the backdrop to the picture, ‘Predator’ seems to be the tailor-made party flick. It’s action-oriented sci-fi plot filled with adrenaline-rushes for scenes and tension-filled moments alike cannot be seen (or to use a better term, experienced), I think, without a burger in hand, a couple french fries, a coke, and a bunch of pals sitting around.

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6. Die Hard (1988)

I can’t think of anything better to say about ‘Die Hard’ that hasn’t been said already. I love the film, it’s a rewarding experience that has you totally invested in everything that takes place. Now that I think about it, the film has a plot that’s rather serious and should be a nerve-wracking episode for the audience members, but it takes an all-too-original and different route in approaching its subject matter, with a charismatic performance that literally made the rest of Bruce Willis’ career happen, and a funny script that carries with it a little bit of heart as well. Consider this an essential Christmas after-party feature.

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5. Cube (1997)

‘Cube’ is a horror film that works its best when seen in company. It’s setting is a claustrophobic one, which might be why the movie popped into my head when I started jotting down films to enter into this list. I’ve seen it innumerable times with different sets of friends, and I’ve received an energetic, interactive feedback from almost every one of them. ‘Cube’ traps you in its atmosphere and involves you well in its story. Though the film has a couple issues with its character writing and plot structure, it works overall as a fun feature that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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4. The Party (1968)

‘The Party’ is more for the laid-back, sophisticated sort of party, which is the kind of celebration that a major portion of this movie tries to embody. It has to do with a fish-out-of-water story, and it’s a very relaxing watch, while being extremely funny. I think it might as well be my favorite comedy of all time, because every joke pulled off is extremely clever and the setting to it all is just fantastic. Peter Sellers delivers one of his greatest, most iconic performances here, and Blake Edwards directs one of his most distinctive and defining features with The Party. Special mention to Henri Mancini’s dreamy, surreal music as well.

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3. Kshana Kshanam (1991)

This isn’t a regular find in many similar lists, because it isn’t very popular outside Andhra Pradesh. I was lucky enough to come across this film a couple days back, and I simply had to put it in here with the rest of my picks. Starring the late actress Sridevi and Venkatesh in the lead, Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Kshana Kshanam’ has it all: a wildly entertaining plot with interesting characters sprinkled all over, MM Keeravani’s vibrant songs, romance, action, comedy, the works. It’s really something else, this film, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how awesome an experience it was after I was done checking it out. The film promises great fun and delivers likewise.

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2. The Room (2003)

‘The Room’ has evolved into such a popular cult classic that it now has a couple drinking games created to its credit. Known as one of the greatest bad movies ever made, I never tire of watching this over and over again. It’s a picture that has everything going wrong with it, but from within this lack of talent sprouts a certain charm concerning its lead actor, director, producer, and writer Tommy Wiseau. There are special screenings of this film held every year, where audience members bring in memorabilia from the film to throw around within the cinema hall while reciting each and every dialogue of the picture as and when it is spoken on screen, and this, I believe, speaks for my reasoning as to why ‘The Room’ is an essential party flick.

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1. Scream (1996)


‘Scream’ definitely is the greatest party film ever made. It’s basically a horror film, but knows itself so well that it manages to balance its scary elements with a touch of humor that the movie ultimately provides a ravishingly good time for anyone who’s watching it. ‘Scream’ is the type of film I would imagine young adults put on after having ordered a couple large pizzas and two humongous bottles of soft pop, to consume while resting over a huge couch and finding sheer entertainment in the Wes Craven feature, which additionally happens to be is best, in my opinion, at least.

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