Love is Blind Japan: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Because of the boom in dating apps and social media platforms over the past few years, reality shows have somehow become the ones to help us realize that what truly matters is who someone is on the inside. The best example for this in terms of romantic connections is, of course, the ‘Love is Blind‘ franchise, where the idea is to tackle the concept of whether an emotional connection can conquer physical attraction or not.

So now that its Japanese version has also premiered — depicting precisely how people can fall in love unseen and then make their relationship work — we know that some aspects, as well as challenges, are universal. But if you wish to find out more about all the leading couples within this feel-good production, including their current standing and whereabouts, along with a bit more, we’ve got the essential details for you.

Ryotaro and Motomi: Together

From the moment they first came across one another in the pods, there was an undeniable spark between Ryotaro and Motomi, meaning that their engagement came as no surprise. In fact, their ability to work out their awkwardness after meeting face-to-face (owing to his “rugged” look) or their sincerity while meeting their partner’s parents wasn’t a shock either. They’d actually maintained a feeling of appreciation, as promised in the pods, so they gladly vowed to do so forever while standing at the altar as well.

Since then, it appears as if they’ve continued to develop their association while residing in Tokyo, proving that they’d fallen for each other’s hearts and humanity first. Neither Ryotaro nor Motomi has been public about this part of their lives as of writing, but that’s understandable considering how their entire tale was recently documented in the Netflix original. Although, we will add that while the former serves as a hairstylist and a fashion store manager, the latter is an advertising salesperson, a Chinchilla mum, and a cooking enthusiast.

Wataru and Midori: Together

Wataru and Midori’s story is definitely one for the books due to their love triangle with Priya, followed by the latter’s apprehension about his looks. Despite that, since he was still the same man she’d fallen in love with inside the pods and because he worked hard to change his appearance for/with her, they still managed to make things work. His confident nature, combined with the fact that he kept reaching out his hand, was what eventually eased her uncertainty about marriage, leading to a happy ending.

Neither Wataru nor Midori walked over one another in spite of what people might assume as they had an understanding that not only allowed them to set boundaries but also talk about the same. Thus, we’re happy to report that it seems like they’re still together, creating a new life for themselves (and Lupin the dog) in Tokyo. Wataru isn’t active on any social media platforms, yet, per the last reports, he works as a high-ranking executive at an IT firm. Coming to Midori, she used to be a tech consultant, but now, she hopes to bring new technologies into the spotlight with b8ta.

Shuntaro and Ayano: Separated

Despite the way Shuntaro and Ayano’s time together played out, it was surprisingly the former that called off their wedding on the morning of because he simply wasn’t ready. He admitted that he felt like he was forcing her and their relationship to be something it wasn’t, to which she replied she was going to say no as well owing to their age gap, along with other differences. It honestly seemed bittersweet since he never got any direct answers, yet it was for the better.

After all, while we don’t know much about Shuntaro as he doesn’t seem to have an active online presence, Ayano appears to be perfectly content with where she is today. Her social media indicates that even though she continues to work as a corporate employee, she’s also gradually delving into the entertainment world as a design, fashion, and beauty enthusiast/influencer as well as a public figure.

Misaki and Kaoru – Separated

Misaki and Kaoru parted ways for good three days before their wedding was set to take place due to communication issues. She could never grasp his emotions, let alone guess what he was thinking, and it made her realize that she wanted more than just that for her future, so she let go. Misaki joked around a lot, meaning that he couldn’t delve into the heart of any matter despite claiming to be an overthinker, which proved to be the downfall of it all. But it still looked like they broke up on amicable terms.

With that said, apart from Kaoru not following Misaki on Instagram, they also seem to be living drastically different lives right now. He’s back in East Africa to resume coaching Kenya’s national baseball team as well as serve as the Director of the United Nations Support and Exchange Association program. On the other hand, she’s still in Tokyo, happy to continue her journey as an artist — a singer-songwriter, radio personality, and creative public figure.

Mizuki and Priya: Separated

Since their split during the living together stage of ‘Love is Blind,’ Mizuki and Priya have evidently placed all their focus on their professional lives. We can say that for sure because he has now created a “drinking pudding” ostensibly called Nomitai while still working at his friend’s restaurant. And on the flip side, Priya is currently expanding her Mukoomi health and beauty (genderless and inclusive) brand while also serving as a Global Ambassador for Smile Asia.

“I will cherish all of the moments I had with everyone that was involved with the show,” Priya recently wrote on her Instagram, in part, as seen above. “Lastly, I only wish Mizuki the best in life, and I hope he finds what he’s looking for 😉 P.S. Yes, I’m single, and I’m happy.”

Mori and Minami: Separated

Although a lot of fans (including us) were rooting for Mori and Minami, they couldn’t work out their differences in the way they wanted to and thus chose to be happy apart rather than continue being low together. This decision genuinely worked out well for them as they both seem more content and comfortable than ever today, especially in terms of who they are as an individual.

While Mori continues to work as a cosmetology dermatologist at Skin Refine Clinic in Tokyo, along with being an entrepreneur, a real estate investor, an educator, and a dancer, Minami is reportedly still a part of the architectural industry. Moreover, and more importantly, she’s a movie, travel, and reading enthusiast who also has a special place in her heart for food in general.

Odacchi and Nanako: Separated

Odacchi and Nanako’s pairing is the most surprising one to have parted ways, at least for us, considering how hard and fast they fell in the pods. Yet, the truth is that their reality just didn’t match up with what they had experienced through the walls, driving Nanako to choose herself by deciding that she didn’t want to pursue such a connection.

Therefore, both Odacchi and Nanako appear to be single today, living their best lives in Kochi and Fukuoka, respectively. The former is one half of the Atsuka Dragon comedic duo, a social media personality, and a local radio host, whereas the latter is back to being a ballet teacher while also dabbling in pilates and modeling.

Yudai and Nana: Separated

Yudai and Nana didn’t last very long because their core beliefs were drastically different from what they’d expected, so they went their separate ways before either of them got too hurt. Hence, all we can say is that the fact that the men’s hairdresser and the yoga enthusiast continue to follow one another on Instagram indicates that they are on good terms despite not being romantically involved.

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