Yukiemon: Love Village Contestant is Thriving as a Barista Now

Thanks to the popularity of Netflix’s ‘Love Village,’ the show’s participants have gained several fans. The Japanese dating show quickly captivated the world’s attention with its unique premise and intriguing storylines, leading many people to become heavily interested in the lives of the various participants. Given her strong start in the show, Yukiemon certainly has her fair share of admirers eager to know what she is up to these days. Luckily, we are here to explore the same!

Yukiemon’s Love Village Journey

Entering the Netflix series, Yukiemon was hopeful about finding her perfect match on the show. Unlike many participants, she had never been married before coming to the show but was looking forward to what this social experiment might do for her love life. Indeed, a romance soon started to blossom between herself and Hollywood, with both of them becoming heavily interested in each other day by day.

However, Hollywood’s demeanor soon changed, and his suggestive comments did not seem to sit well with Yukiemon. Nevertheless, her interest in him remained steady. Meanwhile, Johnny also wanted to create a romantic connection with Yukiemon but soon backed away. The infamous argument between him and Hollywood did disenchant her from the latter for some time, but she still cared for him. Hence, when Hollywood’s birthday rolled around, Yukiemon and Johnny teamed up to throw him an unforgettable birthday bash.

The celebration and the thoughtful birthday card made Hollywood emotional, and he became determined to act on his feelings for Yukiemon. The next day, he rang the bell and declared his intention to be with Yukiemon. Despite how much she cared for him, Yukiemon ultimately chose not to leave with Hollywood. Following his exit, she did not show much interest in any other male cast member. She formed a good friendship with Anchovy, but the latter believed she liked him romantically.

Where is Yukiemon Now?

It does not seem like Yukiemon is much of an internet person and prefers to keep the details of her life private. Following her tumultuous relationship with Hollywood, she remained effectively unattached and left ‘Love Village’ as a single woman. That is not to say that she did not form some close friendships while participating in the series.

Indeed, Yukiemon’s dynamic with Totchan allowed for much-needed fun in the house, and the two would often partner up to enjoy life to the fullest. In fact, she even helped the latter finally confess her feelings for Sakechan. As for her professional life, it seems Yukiemon works as a Barista and has quite an experience in the hospitality industry.

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