Billie-Jean and Chaz: Is The Circle Duo Still on Friendly Terms?

As exciting as it is to watch reality TV stars try their best to become winners, the friendships they form along the way are probably the most heartwarming to follow. This is particularly true in a show like Netflix’s ‘The Circle,’ where the connections are often based on possible advantages as well as common interests. The recently released season 5 of this reality series is thus no different, allowing viewers to see many beautiful friendships unfold, including one between Billie-Jean Blackett and Chaz Lawery. Interestingly, one of them was not even aware of just who the other person really was until the very end. Naturally, people are eager to know if their friendship is still as strong as it was on the show, and we are here to delve into the same!

Billie-Jean Blackett and Chaz Lawery’s The Circle Journey

28-year-old Chaz Lawery decided to enter ‘The Circle’ as a single nurse rather than the entrepreneur/content creator he is. Nevertheless, his candidness and friendly nature enabled him to form several strong connections along the way, including with Raven Sutton and Sam Carmona. On the flip side, 25-year-old Billie-Jean Blackett’s strategy for the was quite different. Feeling like she might be highly scrutinized if she were to be her true self and tell everyone she’s a model, she decided to enter as her ex-boyfriend Bruno.

While Chaz climbed the popularity rankings and became an influencer in the very first week, Bruno’s struggled quite a bit. In fact, many people did not feel like they had a genuine tie with him because he had not opened up regarding his personal life with anyone. This meant that during the second round of eliminations, he was up against Brittney (Brian Clark) facing a farewell. In order to save herself, and Bruno by proxy, Billie-Jean began a private chat with Chaz, only for it to go much better than expected as the two soon bonded over their personal issues in the real world.

Trusting his conversation with Bruno, Chaz urged Raven to save his new friend. This meant that Billie-Jean was still in the game and now had a strong ally in Chaz. Their connection then continued to flourish as the show went on, and the two would often discuss their overall progress. Yet, when it was time for Sasha (Shubham Goel) to either block Bruno or Jennifer (Xanthi Perdikomatis and Brett Robinson), Billi-Jean had no idea wheather she would be safe.

Sasha’s choice to eliminate Bruno was a little unexpected since they had conversed privately beforehand, but the former just had to pick Jennifer owing to the popularity number game. Therefore, when the time came for Billie-Jean to meet one of her fellow contestants before stepping away, she decided to visit her biggest supporter Chaz. While the latter was shocked by who actually “Bruno” really was, he obviously took it all in stride and then even had a proper one-on-one with her. The two actually discussed other contestants in-depth and what Chaz should do moving forward prior to promising one another that they’ll keep in touch in the real world.

Billie-Jean Blackett and Chaz Lawery Are Still Good Friends

As of writing, Billie-Jean and Chaz seem to be at least on amicable terms. The reality stars follow each other on social media even though they certainly do not live close by. While the former is based in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK, the latter seemingly resides in Los Angeles, California, at the moment. Separated by the Atlantic Ocean and almost the entirety of mainland USA, it is unlikely that the two meet each other often. However, that does not mean that they’ve stopped being friends altogether. In fact, based on their last conversation in the show and how Chaz stuck up for Billie-Jean/Bruno even after the elimination, we are quite sure that they still have each other’s back.

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