Did Mark Forward’s Coach Lose Weight in Letterkenny?

Crave’s sitcomLetterkenny’ follows the “problems” of the Letterkenny residents, including Wayne, Daryl, Katy, and Squirrelly Dan, who are collectively known, along with their friends, as the Hicks. While the adventures of the Hicks form the lion’s share of the narrative of the show, the storylines of recurring characters like Coach do not fail to captivate the viewers. Coach has trained the Letterkenny Shamrocks and Letterkenny Irish, two of the prominent ice-hockey teams based in the titular town. Coach is also the nightmare of Jonesy and Reilly since he tries his best to make the duo’s lives miserable. The viewers of the eleventh season of the Hulu show must have been astounded seeing Coach, whose change in appearance is extremely evident. So, did Mark Forward lose weight? Let us share what we know about the same!

Mark Forward’s Journey With Weigh Loss

Yes, Mark Forward did lose weight and the transformation is evident in his portrayal of Coach in the tenth and eleventh seasons of the show. Although there isn’t any official confirmation concerning the same, it is apparent that Forward lost around 20-25 pounds. Since the actor hadn’t committed to any other roles that demanded his weight loss, Forward might have lost weight either for his portrayal of Coach in ‘Letterkenny’ or to fulfill a personal goal. Irrespective of the reason behind the same, the actor’s weight loss adds a distinct dimension to his ‘Letterkenny’ character.

Forward’s Coach is initially introduced as a caricature character who annoys Jonesy and Reilly severely. Forward’s earlier physique and characteristics were an integral part of his portrayal of such a character. When it comes to the tenth and eleventh seasons of the show, Coach isn’t just a caricature figure. He gets more involved with the folks of Letterkenny rather than limiting his interactions to the hockey players. From an intolerable and short-tempered stereotypical chubby man, Coach is becoming a tolerable and appealing man. Forward’s weight loss enhances his character’s transition. In the eleventh season of the show, Gail even decides to hook up with Coach, which can be the result of his transformation.

Forward’s weight loss also aligns with Coach’s recent gym obsession. In the tenth season finale, Coach reveals to the Hicks that he is spending more time in the gym than the lady who runs the place. Tyson also helps him to be in better shape. In the same episode, Coach and Tyson cycle together as the latter tries to burn calories. Thus, the actor’s weight loss can be considered as an integral part of Coach’s current physique. Losing or gaining weight for the characters has become a significant and preferred way for a performer to perfect their performances.

Recently, Will Smith lost weight to portray a slave named Peter in ‘Emancipation.’ Other famed examples of actors losing weight as part of their commitment to their projects include Christian Bale for ‘The Machinist,’ Jake Gyllenhaal for ‘Nightcrawler,’ Tom Hanks for ‘Cast Away,’ Natalie Portman for ‘Black Swan,’ Joaquin Phoenix for ‘Joker,’ etc.

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