Hallmark’s Falling Like Snowflakes: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Director Maxwell McGuire’s Hallmark Channel holiday-themed movie, ‘Falling Like Snowflakes,’ follows Teagan Ashley and how her professional journey slowly becomes more and more personal. A determined artist and teacher, Teagan is tasked with completing the snowflake collection for a local art gallery exhibition, which contains all but one of the thirty-five known shapes. She heads into the local mountains to photograph the elusive 12-sided snowflake at all costs, which would provide much-needed funding for the students of her community center.

Finding herself helpless in the middle of opposing weather conditions, Teagan seeks the help of her reluctant ex-boyfriend, Noah Cooper, and the two embark on a chilling adventure. As they face a treacherous storm in the cold, the two begin to recall their own past relationship, reigniting the old flames. The destinations featured in ‘Falling Like Snowflakes’ attempt to push Teagan and Noah together while also captivating the viewers and making them wonder how and where the makers captured such breathtaking shots for the rom-com.

Falling Like Snowflakes Filming Locations

‘Falling Like Snowflakes’ was entirely shot in the province of Ontario. Ottawa, in particular, served as the primary filming site for the Hallmark movie. Principal photography began in early February 2024 and wrapped in mid-March, thus rapidly concluding the schedule right before winter transitioned into spring. Michael Tien served as the director of photography, perfectly capturing the snowy terrains of the capital city and its surroundings.

Ottawa, Ontario

The production team of ‘Falling Like Snowflakes’ visited various places in Ottawa, combining urban surroundings, cozy neighborhoods adorned with Christmas decorations, and several cabins in the woods of the southern territories of the country. The crew also sought highways that had been heavily covered with snow and had blocked the roadways. This mix of settings adds to the film’s adventurous theme, enhancing the romance elements as Teagan and Noah rekindle their spark by contending with the cold ploys of nature.

Director Maxwell McGuire, who hails from the region, utilized the natural beauty of the enormous region to its fullest, complementing writer Bryar Freed’s screenplay. Most of the natural locations featured in the movie were filmed in the Gatineau Hills. This region, known for its scenic frozen lakes and mountainous forests, provided a stunning backdrop for many vital scenes that required the lead couple to be temporarily trapped in one place. Additionally, the streets leading to Crescent Park in Fort Erie made an appearance, adding to the film’s authentic winter charm.

Falling Like Snowflakes Cast

In ‘Falling Like Snowflakes,’ Rebecca Dalton stars as Teagan Ashley, an artist and teacher tasked with tracking the snowflake. The actress is known for her roles in similar Christmas-themed movies such as ‘Christmas in Big Sky Country,’ ‘Christmas by Design,’ ‘A Tiny Home Christmas,’ ‘A Perfect Christmas,’ ‘Christmas in Paris,’ ‘Christmas Wedding Planner,’ and ‘The Santa Squad.’ Before her lead appearances in television films, Dalton came to prominence with her recurring appearances in the short-lived shows ‘The L.A. Complex’ and ‘Spun Out.’

Marcus Rosner plays Noah Cooper, Teagan’s ex-boyfriend, who joins her on her quest. Rosner has starred in ‘Love on the Right Course’ and has appeared on ‘The CW’s ‘Arrow’ and ‘Supernatural‘ and ABC’s ‘Mistresses’ and ‘Once Upon a Time’ in recurring and episodic roles. He came to recognition with the Lifetime drama series ‘UnREAL.’ Like his co-star, Rosner has also worked in various holiday-themed movies, such as ‘Christmas with a Crown,‘ ‘Christmas in Maple Hills,’ ‘Flipping for Christmas,’ ‘Valentine in the Vineyard,’ and ‘Poinsettias for Christmas,’ in addition to other genres.

Besides Dalton and Rosner, child actress Ava Weiss appears in the film as Julie Cooper. She has starred in director Maxwell McGuire’s ‘My Christmas Guide‘ and ‘The Most Colorful Time of the Year‘ as well as Roland Emmerich’s popular space thriller ‘Moonfall.’ Additionally, Michael Gordin Shore appears in the role of Teagan’s boss, marking ‘Falling Like Snowflakes’ his ninth collaboration with the film’s director following the successes of ‘Midnight at the Magnolia,’ ‘Record Breaking Christmas,’ and ‘Deadly House Call,’ among others. The actor took to social media to share this significant milestone in both their filmographies.

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