Thomas Sadoski to Star in ‘Jill Takes a Break’

Thomas Sadoski is gearing up for his next feature film! The actor has joined the cast of ‘Jill Takes a Break.’ The comedy-drama movie is directed by Liz Cardenas and Greta Zozula, who are reuniting after having worked together on the 2018 teen comedy ‘Never Goin’ Back.’ The feature is slated to start filming in September 2024 in Long Beach, California.

The movie revolves around Jill as she parties with her boyfriend and a group of close friends as they celebrate her 40th birthday. Her sustained alcoholism and drug abuse catch up with her during the celebration, and she has to be rushed to the hospital. Forced to contemplate, Jill reconsiders her lifestyle and decides to take a long overdue break and go clean. At first, quitting drinking and drugs seems to be a simple matter. However, she realizes that there is much more to do before she can get her life together. On her journey of self-discovery, Jill befriends her neighbor, a sober older man who becomes a calming beacon amid the storm of her shifting life.

As the narrative progresses, while reconnecting with her sister and niece, Jill confronts the harm caused by her carefree past while looking toward a hopeful future. As she stands on the precipice of transformation, Jill’s past beckons to her in the form of an especially appealing soul music rave that promises to reignite the glory of her younger days. With all her friends attending the event, Jill must choose between the pleasurable and the mature.

An acclaimed theater actor, Sadoski began his career under the mentorship of Mark Ruffalo. He is known for his recurring role of Matt Short in CBS’s ‘Life in Pieces’ and Don Keefer in HBO’s ‘The Newsroom.’ The actor was at the center of the spotlight in 2017 when he and his ‘The Way We Get By’ co-star, Amanda Seyfried, secretly tied the knot. Sadoski’s recent works include Apple TV’s Tom Holland-starrer ‘The Crowded Room,’ Jonathan Majors’ World War II action film ‘Devotion,’ and the political thriller ‘88.’

Both Cardenas and Zozula are making their feature directorial debut with ‘Jill Takes a Break.’ As an actress, writer, and producer, Cardenas’s latest productions include ‘All Happy Families,’ Thomas Haden Church-starrer ‘Acidman,’ and ‘On Our Way.’ Zozula has served as a cinematographer of several popular projects such as ‘Three Women,’ Apple TV’s ‘Servant,’ and ‘Fairyland.’ Their ‘Never Goin’ Back,’ directed by Augustine Frizzell, tells a teen story with a few common themes with ‘Jill Takes a Break.’ It follows two high school dropouts, Jessie and Angela, who decide to go on a beach vacation as their lives fall apart around them.

A coastal city and port to the south of Los Angeles, Long Beach’s waterfront is frequently featured in movies and shows shot in the region. Some recent examples include Netflix’s ‘Purple Hearts,’ AMC’s ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ Hulu’s ‘Death and Other Details,’ Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man,’ ‘Barbie,’ and Paramount’s ‘1923.’

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