Living with My Mother’s Killer: Filming Locations and Cast Explored

With director Lucie Guest at the helm, ‘Living with My Mother’s Killer’ spins a thrilling tale of a young woman allowing her mother’s killer to work on her property after he is released from prison. Only to soon realize that for some, old habits die hard. Mara is approached by the man who killed her mother years ago and pleads with her for a chance at redemption and a fresh start. Wanting answers of her own, Mara accepts his services at her property. However, Mara’s friends are extremely distrustful of the man, as he had pleaded guilty to the murder. They consider the case closed and try to talk her out of keeping him with her.

As Mera and her mother’s killer grow closer, dark realities surface, plunging the orphaned girl into a tumultuous journey of emotional turmoil. The Lifetime thriller movie explores themes of redemption, closure, and justice. ‘Living with My Mother’s Killer’ is set around a picturesque countryside where Mara’s house is located. Her property is an old-fashioned wood-framed home with a hill adjacent to it, making for a serene environment that takes on an eerie tone when she is left alone with the convicted murderer. With such a unique backdrop to the movie, one may seek to investigate the real-world shooting locations behind the film.

Where Was Living with My Mother’s Killer Filmed?

‘Living with My Mother’s Killer’ was filmed around sites in the Greater Vancouver area, British Columbia. The film was initially titled ‘Timeless Murder.’ Principal photography was reportedly carried out between June 6, 2023, and July 13, 2023. Despite the tight filming schedule, the cast and crew seem to have really enjoyed their time spent behind the scenes. “It was such a pleasure working with the talented (Lucie Guest) and the amazing crew who supported the project,” wrote cinematographer Christopher Ajtony in the caption of a picture he shared on social media. “It was full of challenges but pressure makes diamonds.” Let us explore some of the filming locations visited by the cast and crew.

Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

Shooting for ‘Living with My Mother’s Killer’ was filmed against the stunning backdrop of Greater Vancouver’s countryside. With director Lucie Guest leading the way, the production was based out of Burnaby, at 201-3920 Norland Avenue. A municipality of Metro Vancouver, Burnaby is situated in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia and well positioned to explore the diverse landscapes of the region. Capturing scenes of lush hillsides and rugged mountains, the production team likely ventured to the foothills around Greater Vancouver to shoot in locations that perfectly complemented the secluded atmosphere created by the narrative.

This blend of stunning natural scenery and sleek urban landscapes elevates Vancouver as a popular filming destination. The addition of tax incentives and a supportive movie-making infrastructure has earned it the nickname Hollywood of the North alongside Toronto. Furthermore, Vancouver’s mild climate allows for year-round filming and draws many of Lifetime’s filmmakers to its locales. Some of the network’s movies made in and around the city include ‘How She Caught a Killer,’ ‘A Podcast to Die For,’ ‘Murdaugh Murders,’ ‘Buying Back My Daughter,’ and ‘Amish Stud The Eli Weaver Story.’

Living with My Mother’s Killer Cast

‘Living with My Mother’s Killer’ is led by Rhiannon Fish stepping into the role of Mara. Rhiannon Fish is a Canadian-Australian actress who is best known for reprising the roles of Ontari in CW’s ‘The 100’ and April Scott in Alan Bateman’s Home and Away. You may have also seen her in ‘Neighbours’ as Lisa Jeffries, ‘My Norwegian Holiday’ as Jessica Johnson, ‘When Love Springs’ as Rory, and ‘The Christmas Retreat’ as Kim.

Starring opposite her is seasoned actor Greyston Holt. The Calgary-born actor has essayed the characters of Chris in ‘Lou,’ Isaac Shepherd in ‘Lonesome Dove Church,’ and Tye McGrath in ‘House of Chains.’ He has also taken on supporting roles in the TV series ‘The Night Agent,’ ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Chesapeake Shores,’ and ‘Batwoman.’ He can also be seen as the leading man in ‘Bitten’ alongside Laura Vandervoort.

Jessie Fraser enacts Susannah in ‘Living with My Mother’s Killer.’ The experienced actress can be spotted in ‘The Man in the High Castle’ as Rita Pearce, ‘Van Helsing’ as Jesse, ‘Killing for Extra Credit’ as Lydia, and in CBS’ ‘Zoo’ as Corporal Lee. Other cast members for the Lifetime movie include Juliette Hawk as Young Mara, Benjamin J. Stevens as Real Carson, Brad Harder as Greg, and Riley Ellis-Buckle as Young Carson.

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