Love Island Games: Where Are They Now? Which Couples Are Still Together?

Image Credit: Mark Taylor/Peacock

Peacock’s ‘Love Island Games‘ is perhaps the ultimate watching experience for all those who have come to love the ‘Love Island‘ franchise in one way or another. The series not only gives some of the most beloved reality TV stars a chance to shine again but also gives the participants themselves another chance at love. The very first season of the show was nothing short of a massive success and has now left the viewers wondering more and more about which of the on-screen couples are still together and what they are up to these days.

Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba Are Happy Together

We are starting off with the victorious duo of Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba, who not only took home the $100,000 prize but were also declared Most Valuable Players of the season, adding a further $15,000 to their respective winnings. We are more than happy to share that the two seem to have continued their love story after their time on the show. Jack is living in Los Angeles, California, these days, the city Justine calls home.

Together, Jack and Justine enjoy going and living life to the fullest. They are also known for regularly appearing together on Justine’s YouTube channel (around 70K subscribers), having provided engaging insights while the Peacock show was still being aired. Presently, both reality TV stars are huge internet sensations, as evidenced by Jack’s Instagram following of over 1.1 million. He now works as DJ, having previously been a personal trainer and footballer. Meanwhile, Justine is followed on Instagram by well over 585K people.

Johnny Middlebrooks and Aurelia Lamprecht Have Not Shared an Update

Runner-ups Johnny Middlebrooks and Aurelia Lamprecht have yet to share an update about their status as a couple as of writing. That said, the two do seem to be on amicable terms and continue to follow each other on Instagram. Presently, Johnny is active as a social media influencer with over 611K followers on Instagram. He is based in Los Angeles and is associated with YoungLA as an ambassador.

Aurelia has her own massive fanbase with an Instagram account of well over 181K followers. Similarly, she has more than 136K admirers on TikTok. Her content is mostly centered around self-love and positivity, though it is now unknown for her to also use her sense of comedy. Having already gained much success as a ‘Love Island Germany’ season 4 star, the hotel worker from Frankfurt, Germany, has now garnered fans across the world.

Callum Hole and Deb Chubb Are Keeping Their Relationship Status Private

Let’s now talk about finalists Callum Hole and Deborah “Deb” Chubb, whose on-screen romance, while short, did make us feel quite happy for both of them. While the two have yet to open up about their status as a couple, they have not been shy about showing their appreciation for each other on social media. Through Instagram posts and comments, the reality TV stars have been more than happy to praise each other, something that has made their fans quite happy.

Known for his time in ‘Love Island Australia,’ season 4, Callum now splits his time between Australia and the United Kingdom. The Australian pool boy/personal trainer is also quite popular on Instagram, with 114K followers. As for Deb, she lives in Los Angeles and is quite well known among the fans of the show, especially after her time on ‘Love Island USA’ season 4.

Cely Vazquez and Eyal Booker Have Yet to Talk About Their Relationship

Though one of the strongest couples in the show, Cely Vazquez and Eyal Booker were unfortunately eliminated in the semi-finals. Since then, the pair has yet to share whether or not they are still with each other. While Cely seems to be enjoying her time with Jack Fowler and Justine Ndiba, she and Eyal have not been spotted together much. The two continue to follow each other on social media, but there have been reports suggesting that they may have separated following their on-screen journey.

With over 652K Instagram followers, Cely is an influential social media content creator and has also stepped foot into the world of music. Based in Los Angeles, she has released four songs as of writing and does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Her TikTok has over 1 million admirers, while her YouTube channel (over 92K subscribers) is where the reality TV star shared episode recaps of the Peacock show alongside Justine. As for Eyal, he splits his time between Los Angeles and London, England. He often works as a model and is affiliated with Wavy.

Imani Wheeler and Ray Gantt Do Not Follow Each Other

With a highly intriguing exit from the Peacock show, Imani Wheeler and Raymond “Ray” Gantt have sparked rumors of separation post-production since the two do not follow each other on Instagram. While the two have yet to share an official update regarding their status as a couple, their lack of online connections is not being seen as a good sign for those who have held hope about the two possibly continuing their romance.

Also using Ayan as her last name, Imani is a businesswoman from California who has embraced life as an online content creator. With over 109K followers, she is known for often partnering with brands and promoting their products. Her content is primarily focused on topics like travel, beauty, and lifestyle. Meanwhile, Ray has been splitting his time between Los Angeles and New York. The ‘Ex on the Beach‘ season 5 star is preparing to be a dentist and is becoming a big name within the reality TV industry.

Mitch Hibberd and Zeta Morrison Remain Silent About Their Relationship

Up next, we have Mitchell “Mitch” Hibberd and Zeta Morrison, who have not yet shared whether or not they continued their relationship after their time on the show. That said, they do seem to be on amicable terms for the most part. Having appeared in seasons 3 and 4 of ‘Love Island Australia,’ Mitch has continued to garner love from the people. The former Australian footballer enjoys traveling and is quite proud of his role within the ‘Love Island’ franchise.

As for Zeta, she is thriving as a businesswoman and influencer with over 601K Instagram followers. Her popularity has allowed her to be a prominent face for Fashion Nova, a well-known retail clothing brand. She is also known for her blogs written under the banner of Zeta Confidential. The ‘Love Island USA’ season 4 winner is also known for appearing regularly on various podcasts.

Courtney Boerner and Scott van-der-Sluis Yet to Disclose Their Status as a Couple

As of writing, Courtney Boerner and Scott van-der-Sluis have yet to share any news regarding the current status of their relationship. The duo does seem to be on good terms and has been happily promoting the show. As for the recent updates in their lives, both Courtney and Scott seem to be doing quite well. The former also goes by the name Courtney Lynn and seemingly became affiliated with Playboy in early 2023. Apart from her modeling work, she is also quite popular on social media.

Meanwhile, it seems like Scott has taken up a great liking to the ‘Love Island’ franchise, having appeared in three different shows in 2023 itself. The Welsh man is a professional footballer who had been affiliated with Shelbourne (League of Ireland Premier Division) earlier in the year, having joined the organization on June 16, 2022. However, the footballer and the team parted ways just before Scott left to take part in ‘Love Island UK’ season 10, his reality TV debut.

Kyra Green and Carrington Rodriguez Are on Good Terms

Despite not getting much time together on ‘Love Island Games’ season 1, Kyra Green and Carrington Rodriguez continue to garner more and more fans. The duo has not yet to share an official update about their status as a couple. That said, both of them have been quite interactive on social media, often commenting on each other’s posts in a very positive manner. Such interactions between the two certainly give us hope that, if nothing else, they remain good friends.

During her time on the Peacock series, Kyra made history for being a part of the show’s first-ever same-sex couple alongside Megan Barton-Hanson. Presently, she remains influential on social media with over 458K followers and is proudly open about her identity as a biracial, bisexual woman. Meanwhile, Carrington has taken up modeling as a line of work and has even had the opportunity to partner with brands like Playboy.

Georgia Steel and Toby Aromolaran Have Kept Their Love Lives Under the Wraps

Though they got eliminated quite early on in the show, Georgia Steel and Tobias “Toby” Aromolaran still managed to influence just how the events unfolded in the Peacock show. Both of them have yet to share if they are still in a relationship, though they do seem to be on good terms with each other. Presently, Georgia is affiliated with brands like Fashion Nova, At Home With Geesteel, and Off Limits Entertainment. She is also an ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association.

Meanwhile, Toby has his own podcast called “Fancy a Chat?” He is also a Forward for Hashtag United’s men’s team. Given his skills as a host, a reality TV contestant, and an athlete, it is hardly a wonder that Toby has such a massive fan following, which also allows him to partner up with a variety of brands.

Curtis Pritchard and Lisa Celander Are No Longer Together

Not long after their exit from ‘Love Island Games’ season 1, Curtis Pritchard and Lisa Celander seemingly decided to go their separate ways, something that the former made clear in his exit interview with Maura Higgins. The pair decided that it might best for them to part ways amicably, and the two apparently remain on good terms with each other. As of writing, it does not seem like they are dating anyone else.

Based in Mallorca, Spain, Lisa has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. That said, the Swedish/Norwegian star has recently turned her Instagram private, though she had been seen publically promoting the Peacock show recently. Meanwhile, Curtis works as a Ballroom and Latin Dancer/Choreographer. He is also associated with a variety of brands, including Fint, Bros Torque Supercars, and WeAre8. Together with his brother Alex Joseph Pritchard, he is also a host of “Freedom Impact Trust” and a Founder of A2 Productions.

Jessica Losurdo is Now a Twitch Streamer

Given her thrilling journey on ‘Love Island Games’ season 1, it’s hardly a wonder that Jessica Losurdo has garnered so much love from the world. Based in Sydney, Australia, the ‘Love Island Australia’ season 4 star has become a regular face on Twitch. With over 1K followers, most of her streams are either of her playing Old School RuneScape or The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Additionally, she is affiliated with brands like Lovehoney.

Liberty Poole is a Podcast Host

Having captured all of her hearts through her time on the Peacock show, Liberty Poole seems to be thriving in life. The reality TV star came to public attention thanks to her time on ‘Love Island UK’ season 7. She certainly seems to have maintained her good connections from the show, as evident by her ongoing friendship with Kaz Kamwi. In fact, the two women have their own podcast called “Kaz And Liberty,” with new episodes being released every Tuesday.

Megan Barton-Hanson is a Vice Columnist

Given her unexpected departure from the international spinoff series, Megan Barton-Hanson‘s time on the show was cut short significantly. It seems like the reality TV star had to leave the show owing to a Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) diagnosis, which she talked about publically around the same time as the production of ‘Love Island Games’ season 1 was likely taking place. Presently, she not only has her own podcast called “You Come First” but also writes columns for Vice, primarily about lifestyle-related topics. Megan has more than 1.5 million Instagram followers and posts exclusive content on OnlyFans.

Tina Provis Has Now Appeared in Love Island Thrice

Having won ‘Love Island Australia’ season 3, Tina Provis ended up making a comeback in the show’s very next installment as a bombshell. With her recent appearance in ‘Love Island Games,’ she has been part of the franchise a total of three times, much to the joy of her fans. Presently, the reality TV star seems to be living her best life and is quite a popular social media influencer with over 169K Instagram followers.

Mike Boateng works as a Model Today

Based in London, Michael “Mike” Boateng has been a part of many reality TV shows like ‘Love Island UK’ and ‘Celebrity Ex on the Beach.’ the former police constable now works as a model and is affiliated with Oxygen Model Management for the same. He is also active as a voiceover artist and has representation from Damn Good Voices for the same. It also seems like he has developed a good friendship with fellow ‘Love Island Games’ star Steph Blackos.

Steph Blackos Has Been Traveling

Though he was the first person to be eliminated from ‘Love Island Games,’ Stephane “Steph” Blackos continues to have a loyal fanbase. Known for his time in ‘Love Island France’ season 2, Steph has been traveling a lot in the last couple of months, having been to Los Angeles, Quebec, and London. Primarily based in Paris, France, he is in partnership with NovaMEN. Often working as a model, the French man has well over 123K Instagram followers.

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