Selling Sunset Divorce: Who All Have Been Divorced In The Show?

‘Selling Sunset’ is a Netflix reality docu-series spearheaded by Adam DiVello (‘Laguna Beach’ and ‘The Hills‘) that is designed as a form of pure escapism for the viewers. Following a fierce real estate group in West Hollywood, The Oppenheim Group, it covers almost all the stereotypical aspects of reality TV and of Los Angeles- from the glitzy homes to the glamorous people to the catty blondes, everything is right there, on the surface of the series.

Its most recent season, however, Season 3, puts a crack in its own fake-ish facade by putting the focus on the show’s first divorce: that of Chrishell Stause, former soap actress and now-ex-wife of Justin Hartley, the ‘This Is Us‘ heartthrob. And, with their divorce taking center stage, Chrishell’s main support group, at least, within her workplace, consisted of the individuals who themselves have gone through the whole experience of it before. Curious to know about all the cast members who’ve been divorced? Here’s what we know.

Chrishell Stause

The news of Chrishell and Justin’s split first broke out in November of last year, on the day Justin had filed, and when ‘Selling Sunset’ was still in production. And, while we didn’t get to see the exact moment when Justin texted her to let her know that their marriage was over, we did see its messy aftermath, which was honestly heartbreaking. Now, more than 8 months later, their divorce plays out on camera – from Chrishell’s point of view and with a mix of raw emotions and sorrowful responses.

Justin Hartley filed for divorce on November 22, 2019, citing irreconcilable differences and claiming that the couple had separated in July of that year. However, when Chrishell filed for the dissolution of their marriage a month later, in December, she claimed that their date of separation was the day he filed. Around that same time, anonymous sources told TMZ that Justin deliberately gave the wrong date of separation so as to avoid paying spousal support. And, apparently, the filing of the divorce was a big surprise to everyone, even all their close friends and family, as no one saw it coming.

Initially, Chrishell and a few other reports implied that what had led to their marriage crumbling apart was Justin changing his ways because of fame and fortune, but now that the dust has settled, no one seems to be pointing fingers anymore. Even Chrishell has been quite mum about their divorce for some time.

Mary Fitzgerald

Mary’s blissful wedding with Romain Bonnet was the season finale for the second installment of ‘Selling Sunset,’ but, as she has mentioned, she already has a 23-year-old son, Austin, who she gave birth to when she was just a teenager and has been married twice before. Although we don’t know many details about who her previous husbands were, we do know that her first marriage ended because her husband passed away and that the second was terminated because apparently, he had lied and cheated on her, crushing her trust, and therefore, their relationship.

In season 1 itself, she had said: “I’ve been married twice before. My first husband passed away and my second husband, it just didn’t work out. It wasn’t the right relationship.” The reality star has never revealed exactly what happened to her first husband, but we assume that she must have been quite young when she lost him, especially considering that she is just 40-years-old now. Mary doesn’t reveal too much about her personal life on camera and on social media, and it seems like her son, Austin Babbitt, does the same.

Amanza Smith

Amanza Smith has been trying her best to not speak of her ex-husband’s name on camera. But, when her main focus is on her kids, who she shares with him, its almost impossible for him to not be brought up, especially now that he is off the grid. And, so, we can let you know that her ex-husband is none other than the NFL star, Ralph Brown. The couple had tied the knot on July 17, 2010 – once he retired from playing professionally – in Indianapolis, Indiana.

By that time, it seems like Amanza had left the cheerleading world and was well into being an interior designer. However, in just a couple of years, after their children were born, their relationship decayed. Although it’s not entirely clear when exactly it happened, Amanza has mentioned that they separated when Noah, now 10, was 2, and Braker, now 8, was 1. Ever since then, she has been a single mom. And now, with Ralph not even being in the picture anymore, she is trying to get full custody of her kids.

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