Selling the OC Net Worths, Ranked: Who is the Richest Agent?

Image Credit: Nino Muñoz/Netflix

One of the most gripping parts of Netflix’s ‘Selling the OC‘ is the lavish lifestyle that the employees of The Oppenheim Group’s office in Orange County, California, seem to be enjoying. From high-class events to fun parties, the cast of the reality series is shown to be enjoying life to the fullest in the ‘Selling Sunset‘ spinoff. This has led to widespread curiosity amongst the viewers about how the people featured on the show can afford their lives.

12. Ali Harper – $750,000

Despite her recent entry into the world of real estate, Alexandra “Ali” Harper is already creating waves with her charm and intelligence. The reality TV star was crowned Miss Tennessee USA in 2018 and went on to be in the top 10 of the Miss USA 2018 competition. From March 2020 to March 2022, she worked as a Mobile Specialist Consultant for Engage by Cell and is now preparing to enter California’s real estate industry. Additionally, she is quite a popular content creator with over 47K followers on Instagram. A content creator of her following makes about $30,000 annually, while a consultant nets about $80,000 every year. Additionally, reports suggest that cast members of the Netflix show make about $23,000 per episode.

11. Sean Palmieri – $1 Million

Over the years, Sean Palmieri has worked in a variety of positions. He started off as a Sales and Operations Coordinator at architect Zaha Hadid’s ONE Sotheby’s International Realty in November 2016. After that, he switched to Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty in January 2018 to work as a Marketing Director. November 2019 marked his start at Coldwell Banker Global Luxury as the Luxury Marketing Manager. In May 2021, the Florida native joined The Oppenheim Group but announced in November 2023 that he would be leaving the company. Since then he has been a part of Coldwell Banker West. As stated in the show, his listings in recent months have been declining. He has about 65K Instagram followers, which nets him about $50,000 as a content creator. He has reportedly also earned about $23,000 for every episode of the Netflix show he participated in.

10. Lauren Brito – $1.5 Million

Lauren Brito (now Lauren Shortt) is another Southern Californian girl on this list who has proved her mettle as a real estate agent. After gaining her license in April 2017, Lauren was part of First Team Real Estate before switching to Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage. She left the latter to join The Oppenheim Group in June 2021 and has continued to thrive as a realtor. On average, we estimate that she sells about 12 properties with an average price point of $2 million, with a commission rate of about 3% as per the market average.

9. Kayla Cardona – $2 Million

As one of the most prominent faces of ‘Selling the OC,’ Kayla Cardona‘s wealth status has become a matter of great interest to her admirers. The Orange County native started her career as a realtor in 2019 and has time and again proved her mettle as a talented agent. Most of her properties are in the price range close to $3.5 million, which is certainly impressive. Additionally, she has a podcast of her own called ‘Pain to Power,’ which she started in March 2024. Kike her fellow reality TV star, she also makes a considerable amount of money from her appearance in the Netflix show.

8. Alexandra Rose – $2 Million

Prior to working as a real estate agent, Alexandra Rose used to be a part of the Sales department at Nordstrom, which helped her gain several valuable skills needed in a realtor. She completed her graduation from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Economics in 2019 and then proceeded to enter the field of real estate. As a member of The Oppenheim Group, Alexandra Rose is one of the prominent luxury realtors in the Orange County area. Most of her properties are valued at around $5 million, and she is also a notable presence in ‘Selling the OC.’

7. Tyler Stanaland – $2 Million

Thanks to his background as a fifth-generation realtor within his family, Tyler Stanaland is a skilled realtor who has had his license since the age of 18. However, at the time, he had decided to pursue his passion for surfing and earned respect worldwide in the field. In 2010, Tyler left professional sports behind and entered the real estate industry for good. He became affiliated with HÔM Sotheby’s International Realty as an agent and started earning a name for himself. From November 2021, Tyler had been working at The Oppenheim Group but shared in October 2023 that he was leaving the brokerage. Since then, he has been working with Douglas Elliman Real Estate, alongside his father and brother. Most of his properties seem to be around $5 million, though he also has an impressive social media following north of 192K, likely earning him about $100,000 every year.

6. Alexandra Jarvis – $2.5 Million

Alexandra Jarvis entered Auburn University and graduated summa cum laude with a Spanish and International Business degree. She then joined the UC Irvine School of Law and completed her graduation with distinction. This allowed her to litigate business and employment law matters through a firm in Newport Beach, California. However, she soon decided to enter the real estate industry and showcase her skills in the field. Within her first year, Alexandra apparently closed around $40 million in sales. That said, she is now no longer a part of The Oppenheim Group.

5. Polly Brindle – $3 Million

Hailing from Lancashire, England, Polly Brindle became a part of the modeling industry at the age of 15. Thanks to her thriving career as a model, she worked with prestigious brands like Lancôme, Dior, and Aston Martin and traveled to places like London, Paris, Milan, and Barcelona. In 2011, Polly moved to Los Angeles and has since been living in the United States. Her career as a realtor started in May 2021 when she joined The Oppenheim Group. Her more recent sales indicate that she has been averaging a price point close to $5.5 million. Additionally, she works as a model, which likely nets her about $80,000 per year.

4. Brandi Marshall – $3 Million

Brandi Marshall had once been an active part of the Public Relations industry. For over 15 years, she worked as a publicist in reputed businesses like AM PR Group and 20th Century Fox Studios. However, in 2017, Brandi started working in the real estate industry. At present, she is not only working at The Oppenheim Group but is also affiliated with Active Realty and IRBY Real Estate Group. With her recent listings being close to the $5 million mark and her connections allowing her to increase her number of sales, she likely nets about half a million dollars every year.

3. Austin Victoria – $4 Million

Since July 2017, Austin Victoria has been active in the real estate industry in and around Orange County. His first job in the field was with Keller Williams Realty’s branch in Beverly Hills, California, as a Sales Associate. Austin then moved on to OA Real Estate Group in October 2019. In June 2020, he switched to Douglas Elliman’s Beverly Hills branch and worked there until June 2021, when he became a part of The Oppenheim Group’s office in Orange County. Before getting his license as a real estate agent, Austin had been working as a model and actor and is still affiliated with HRI Talent and Wilhelmina International. Models like Austin make about $80,000 annually in his area, and the properties he has more recently helped sell are in the $6 million range, with him selling about 10-15 properties every year. His work as an actor also likely helps him make about $50,000 every year.

2. Gio Helou – $4 Million

Given his charming and shining presence in ‘Selling the OC,’  admirers have been curious about Giovanne “Gio” Helou‘s financial status. The reality TV star joined Abell-Helou Homes as a Real Estate Developer in 2013. In August 2018, Gio gained his license as a realtor and became affiliated with Coldwell Banker Global Luxury. The realtor switched to The Oppenheim Group’s Orange County team in February 2021. Throughout his career as a real estate agent, Gio has showcased his impressive skills as a negotiator and communicator. Most of his properties are worth close to $10 million, with many even exceeding the mark. Additionally, real estate developers make about $75,000 in his area.

1. Alex Hall – $5 Million

Topping the list is none other than Alexandra “Alex” Hall. Hailing from Laguna Niguel in California, her familiarity with the area has helped her establish a reputation as a skilled real estate agent. She began her career as a realtor with First Team Real Estate, where she stayed until 2015. The reality TV star then changed lanes to join Christie’s International Real Estate in 2015 and then switched to HÔM Sotheby’s International Realty as well as Pacific Sotheby’s International Realty after a couple of years.

In November 2021, Alex became a part of The Oppenheim Group’s Orange County branch and established herself as a crucial part of the team. Her hard work, eye for design, and communication skills have helped Alex gain a net worth of around $5 million. With most of her properties averaging a value of $7.5 million, she makes quite a sum of money by selling about 10-15 properties every year. She is also a huge part of the Netflix show, with a reported earning of about $23,000 per episode. Her Instagram following of over 400K likely adds about $250,000 to her annual earnings.

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