The Crossover: 8 Similar Shows You Will Also Love

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‘The Crossover’ is a Disney+ original sports drama series created by Kwame Alexander, based on his novel of the same name. It features Derek Luke, Sabrina Revelle, Jalyn Hall, and Amir O’Neil as the Bell family. Twin brothers Josh and JB Bell are talented basketball players and play for the Langston Hughes Junior High team, coached by their dad, Chuck Bell, a former NBA star. Their mom is the vice principal at their school and working her way up to the principal position.

While Josh is highly passionate about basketball and dreams of building a successful NBA career with his brother, JB struggles with figuring out what he wants to do with his life. Following these two brothers juggling high school and basketball, this show explores themes of family, ambitions, and friendship. If you’re looking for similar coming-of-age stories, here is a list of recommendations you might like.

8. The Last Dance (2020)

Revolving around the 1997-98 NBA season, Netflix’s ‘The Last Dance’ is a sports documentary series directed by Jason Hehir. It features interviews with notable individuals with prominent influence and contributions to basketball culture. The show closely documents Michael Jordan’s career, particularly his final season with the Chicago Bulls team. If you’re a fan of basketball in general, then you should definitely give this insightful docuseries a watch.

7. Boy Meets World (1993–2000)

‘Boy Meets World’ is a coming-of-age sitcom created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly. The show features actors like Ben Savage, Rider Strong, and Danielle Fishel as series regulars across its seven-season run. It follows the life of Cory Matthews as he makes his way into the world from a child to an adult. The series involves many plotlines wherein Cory learns life lessons alongside his best friend, Shawn Hunter, and eventual girlfriend, Topanga Lawrence. Like, ‘The Crossover,’ ‘Boy Meets World’ also focuses on familial relationships while involving interesting dynamics between different characters. Both shows also portray the trials and tribulations of the teenage years in their unique ways.

6. Eagles (2019–2022)

Created by Stefan H. Lindén, ‘Eagles’ is a Swedish sports series starring Alva Bratt, Edvard Olsson, and Adrian Öjvindsson, among others. The show revolves around the lives of former NHL player Mats Kroon’s kids Felicia and Elias. Following a move from Boston to the ice hockey fanatic town of Oskarshamn, the siblings face new challenges in their social lives. While Felicia is a rising influencer and vies for the top spot in her new high school’s hierarchy, Elias is a talented ice hockey player and works towards making it onto the senior team. With a primary focus on teenagehood and sports, ‘Eagles’ and ‘The Crossover’ share many similarities.

5. This Is Us (2016–2022)

After Jack and Rebecca Pearson lose one of their three triplets during childbirth, they decide to adopt another kid from the hospital, born on the same day. Now The Pearson triplets, Kevin, Kate, and Randall, have grown into adults and are living their lives and starting new families. ‘This Is Us’ is an Emmy-winning family drama series starring Sterling K. Brown, Milo Ventimiglia, and Mandy Moore, alongside many others.

The show revolves around the Pearson family, with the plot centering around the three siblings and utilizing different timelines to tell a heartwarming story about their lives. If the family life explored in ‘The Crossover’ is your favorite aspect of the show and you’re looking for similar stories, then ‘This Is Us’ will be worthwhile.

4. Make It Or Break It (2009–2012)

‘Make It Or Break It’ is a family drama series inspired by the 2006 comedy film ‘Stick It.’ The show involves a group of young gymnasts, Payson, Kaylie, Lauren, and Emily, from a gym called “The Rock.” After head coach Marty Walsh moves to a rival gym upon being blackmailed, it throws a wrench in the girls’ training for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Additionally, the team is put in further danger by the pile of secrets concealed by the team members.

The show revolves around the struggles this group of talented gymnasts faces and records their journey to the elite competition. Like JB, many of the characters in this show are also incredibly passionate about their sport and continuously strive to secure their future careers as athletes. Fans of ‘The Crossover’ will like the exploration of family and friendship by the narrative in ‘Make It Or Break It.’

3. Swagger (2021- )

Apple TV’s ‘Swagger’ is a sports drama series created by Reggie Rock Bythewood and stars O’Shea Jackson Jr., Isaiah Hill, and Shinelle Azoroh. The show is heavily inspired by the life of NBA player Kevin Durant and follows a 14-year-old basketball player Jace Carson on his journey toward becoming a star athlete. His coach Ike Edwards guides and helps build Jace’s talents and skills. ‘Swagger’ doesn’t shy away from moments of social commentary and portrays the hard work and talent that goes into achieving one’s dreams. The show’s focus on Jace’s ambitions involving basketball will remind viewers of the passion shared by characters from ‘The Crossover.’

2. Big Shot (2021–2022)

Starring John Stamos, ‘Big Shot’ is a Disney+ sports comedy series created by Brad Garrett, David E. Kelley, and Dean Lorey. The plot revolves around basketball coach Marvyn Korn who starts coaching a girls’ basketball team at Westbrook School after getting fired from the University of Wisconsin due to his mercurial tendencies.

However, Marvyn concludes that he may have bit off more than he can chew when he realizes the players of Westbrook School aren’t willing to put up with his “my way or the highway” approach. Similar to ‘The Crossover,’ the show is set against the backdrop of high school basketball and features compelling and relatable teenage characters and explores their relationship with their coach.

1. One Tree Hill (2003–2012)

Created by Mark Schwahn, ‘One True Hill’ is a teenage coming-of-age show starring Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty. The show follows half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott and their lives in the fictional North Carolina town of Tree Hill. Nathan is the team captain of their high school basketball team Tree Hill Ravens. After Lucas joins the same team, a rivalry ignites between the two brothers.

As the show progresses, the relationship between Nathan and Lucas grows. ‘One Tree Hill’ presents a much more dramatic and dysfunctional coming-of-age story, depicting similar themes as ‘The Crossover.’ The relationship between Lucas and Nathan starts rocky but eventually finds its footing and showcases an entertaining dynamic. If you enjoyed the teenage lives of JB and Josh and are looking for a similar story with more drama, then you might like ‘One Tree Hill.’

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