Swiping America: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Created by Johnnie Ingram and Steve Warren, Max’s ‘Swiping America‘ is romantic documentary series that one cannot miss. Featuring four singles from New York, the reality show takes viewers on a nationwide journey in season 1 as the cast members try to find love away from home. The task was undoubtedly challenging for our participants, but they did end up choosing someone special for the last week of their modern-fairytale journey. Naturally, people are curious about which of these couples are still together, and we are here to explore the same!

Are Reagan and LJ Stil Together?

We are starting off with none other than Reagan Baker and Lawrence “LJ” Witt, the couple that has earned several fans since their on-screen debut. Given their easy chemistry and open communication, we are hopeful that they are still together. After all, Reagan made a conscious decision to tell LJ about Piper, something that she has not done much in her life, let alone in the show. That being said, neither of them has given an official update regarding their romantic status, and while LJ does follow Reagan on Instagram, the reverse does not seem to be true.

One good news that Reagan has excitedly shared with the world is that one of the four primary cast members has gotten very recently, which has undoubtedly fueled the fire of speculations. Presently, she works as a Hairstylist for ManeSpace while also running a freelance business called Reagan Baker Hair. Meanwhile, LJ has been affiliated with Código 1530 Tequila since February 2018 as the company’s Director of Sales for the west.

Are Kris and Justin Still Together?

The on-screen journey of Krishnanand “Kris” Kelkar and Justin Matthew Speller may not have been long, but it certainly had its fair share of heartwarming moments. Even though both of them seem to have different ideas about being a parent in the future, their easy dynamic has led many to hope that this sweet duo might still be a couple. Though neither of them has yet to give an official update regarding the continuation of their relationship, the dynamic between them seems to be amicable.

After all, Justin did not shy away from praising Kris while promoting the Max series and has even adopted the phrase “5’8 Beefy Nugget” as his Instagram bio, which Kris had used to describe him on the show. Interestingly, both men are part of the world of technology, with Kris working as a Senior Data Scientist for Hinge. Similarly, Justin is Xbox’s Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft.

Are Kesun and Ryan Still Together?

Let’s now talk about Kesun Lee and Ryan, the couple who remained together for a significant part of the show and even had to navigate a rough patch in their on-screen journey to become the pair many cannot help but root for. While Kesun and Ryan have yet to give an official update regarding the status of their relationship, their obvious affection and dedication towards each other is undoubtedly a positive indication of the potential continuation of the relationship.

In fact, Kesun’s sister, Keewha Donaghy, even invited Ryan to visit her in North Carolina, which he was happy to accept. Presently, Kesun is thriving in her career as a Realtor and is affiliated with Bon New York. Her joy in her job is certainly evident, and the reality TV star has been quite open about just how much she likes the perks of her career. Meanwhile, it seems like Ryan may still be working as a Life Coach.

Are Ash and Jess Still Together?

Despite the unexpected nature of their journey, Ashleigh “Ash” Warren and Jessica “Jess” Smith have effortlessly captured the hearts of many in the public with a story reminiscent of a modern-day fairytale. Even though neither of the two has shared any news regarding the status of their relationship, their fans are hopeful that they two are still with each other. This is primarily motivated due to their evident affection for each other and the lengths that both Ash and Jess went to while on the show to keep their relationship alive.

Recently, Ash has come under fire for seemingly only choosing light-skinned people as her potential partners while on the show. This is an accusation that she has vehemently denied and has emphasized that the on-screen matches were determined by the showrunners, and skin color or ethnicity is far from a significant factor for her while choosing her perfect person. Presently, Ash serves as the Owner and CEO of Writing for So Social Advertising.

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