The Circle Season 6: Where Are They Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ is a unique and realistic way of testing just what qualities make people popular today. From being a charming person to impressing others with your looks, there are many factors that go into winning this particular social experiment. Season 6 of the show featured various participants who were not afraid of lying and catfishing as needed in order to better their chances and hopefully claim victory and $100,000. The maneuvers used by the cast members allowed them to become beloved not just by their co-stars but also by those who watched them from their homes through their screens.

Brandon Baker AKA Olivia is Basking in His Newfound Fame

The winner of season 6, Brandon Baker entered the Netflix show as Olivia and was able to slowly but surely dominate the competition. He based Olivia’s profile on his dear friend Claudia Caminiti, who is a proud nurse. Both Brandon and Claudia are on good terms and meet up often, with the latter teasingly boasting about how she is “sometimes known as Olivia.” Since the release of the show’s sixth season, Brandon has been happily talking about the show with his fans.

In fact, Brandon has taken to answering some of the questions that fans have had without trying to spoil anything. Currently working as a Nursing Assistant, he lives in Colombus, Ohio, and is becoming more and more popular. As a gay man, the reality TV star is a part of the LGBTQ+ community and is known for talking about the welfare of the group. He is also quite proud of his sense of humor and often uses it to interact with his followers. When not working, Brandon can be found enjoying the company of his friends, family, or his pets, including two cats (one named Juno) and a dog.

Kyle Fuller is Playing in the Uruguayan Basketball League

Based in Miami, Florida, Kyle Fuller continues to be a prominent presence in the professional basketball industry. Part of the Club Atlético Aguada, or Aguada, his performance in Liga Uruguaya de Básquetbol (AKA the Uruguayan Basketball League) has been praised by many, especially given his current position as a point guard. The former Novo Basquete Brasil (AKA the New Basketball Brazil) player has also explored the world of business and is the current Founder of ZoomFuller Media, having taken up the role in April 2014.

Additionally, Kyle has been utilizing his experience as a Division 1 athlete to write a book called ‘Below The Rim,’ and has been exploring the option of self-publishing. On a more personal note, Kyle remains close to his family. His bond with his beautiful wife, Jackie Fuller, seems to be as strong as ever, with them due to celebrate their second wedding anniversary on July 10, 2024. Kyle also appears to have retained the connections he formed on the Netflix series. In fact, he and Myles Reed hung out recently and posted a variety of videos related to ‘The Circle,’ with Kyle’s dog, Deuce, also featuring prominently.

Quori-Tyler Bullock Now Works as a Model

Without a shred of doubt, Quori-Tyler Bullock, AKA QT, emerged as one of the most popular cast members from season 6 of the Netflix show. The self-confessed “super-fan” of the show came with a strategy that certainly worked in her favor for the most part. Since her on-screen debut, she has opened up a lot about her experience and shared many tidbits that her followers have found interesting. She even revealed that every time she wanted to go to the hot tub, she had to walk down the hallway with all the doors to other apartments with earphones and music on.

Through social media, QT has also started to talk about her favorite outfits from the show and her makeup routine. She already has over 21K followers on Instagram and has another account dedicated to book-related content that is followed by over 28K people. The fashion model lives in Los Angeles, California, and recently reunited with Myles Reed, with whom she had quite a close connection while on the show, even dubbing herself as “Yung Mami Fuego” to compliment his chosen name of “Yung Papi Fuego.”

Jordan Staff is a Travel Enthusiast

Though a late entry in the show, Jordan Staff certainly left an impact on everyone with his cutthroat playstyle and laser focus on eliminating his opponents through any means possible. His actions on the show, especially in regards to Myles Reed, have garnered him mixed reactions, with many feeling that he was targeting the other man for no reason, while others felt that he was playing the game as it should be played. Jordan seems to not have taken any negative reaction to his heart and seems to be genuinely excited about his television debut.

Now working as a professional photographer, Jordan lives in Austin, Texas. The reality TV star pretended to be “Big J” while on the show and used pictures from a couple of years ago to create his persona. Apart from his work, Jordan also seems to enjoy traveling. In fact, he has recently been to places like the Bahamas and Hawaii. His status as a television star has also made him popular on the custom video request platform called Cameo.

Lauren LaChant is an Online Content Creator

Bagging a position in the finale of season 6 of ‘The Circle,’ Lauren LaChant has certainly risen in popularity. The former Twitch content creator’s love for video games has certainly not vanished. Though she has seemingly left Twitch behind, Lauren seems to be looking forward to creating videos on YouTube in a candid manner in order to express her thoughts and skills more. She also retains her love for anime to the fullest and can talk about the genre for hours. Additionally, she has gained an impressive Instagram following that is well over 13K.

Given her love for the Japanese entertainment form, Lauren’s interest in cosplaying is not surprising. She even participated in a convention in New York in November 2023 as Kagome Higurashi from ‘Inuyasha.’ She also seems to have maintained a good bond with other contestants. She even met up with Myles Reed in April 2024 when the latter visited New York. Not only did they share a bagel together, but they also poked fun at their time on the show by making a funny video regarding their discussion over the possible AI impostor amongst them.

Myles Reed Been Around the Globe

Also known as Yung Papi Fuego, especially when dropping the beats, Myles Reed is someone who easily captured the attention of the world with his authentic on-screen performance. The reality TV star lives in Los Angeles, California, and has become famous as the AI Engineer who couldn’t catch the bot in the show. Apart from his skills with artificial engineering, Myles is also active as a musician, having launched songs like ‘Cyclone,’ ‘Granite,’ and ‘Capone.’

Apart from musical and coding, Myles is also quite fond of traveling and has actually visited various countries around the world, like Greece, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and many more. Since his on-screen debut, the musician has traveled across the country and caught up with many of his fellow co-stars, including Kyle Fuller, Lauren LaChant, and Quori-Tyler Bullock. With almost every one of his co-stars, he has made at least one video regarding the events of the show. The amicable man even seems to be on good terms with those who were not his allies in the show, like Jordan Staff.

Lady Caress AKA Paul is a Skilled Poet

Appearing on the show as her younger brother Paul Russell, Lady Caress, or Caress Russell, is a woman of many talents. Interstingly, her brother, Paul, is someone you might be quite familiar with, given that he created the viral song “Lil Boo Thang.” Caress herself is no slouch either and actively works as a Creative Director, Writer, and Voice Actor, all under the brand of Caress Creates or Caress Alon. She is also the Creative Director of Neon Entertainment, having obtained the role in August 2013.

One of Caress’ most interesting skills is her ability to perform beatbox poetry shows, through which she has entertained crowds at over 200 institutes. She is also known for her workshops, which serve a variety of purposes and make good use of her oratory skills. The past host of ‘Break It Down’ (November 2020 to December 2021) is someone who can easily mesmerize people with her thoughts and words. Her poem “Bred For This” is a prime example of this, and she often performs at open mics and similar events to connect more with her audience. Like many of her co-stars, she has also opened up about her time on the Netflix show and how she played the game.

Cassie Saylor is a Proud Mother

All the way from Manchester, Kentucky, Cassie Saylor came to the Netflix show to show the world just what she could do in the social experiment. The main motivation for the reality TV star to win the show was her kids, whom she loved very much. Presently, she is happily engaged to Nathan Teague, a man with whom she has been in a relationship since at least May 2020. The couple has five children in total, with Cassie being her role as a “bonus mom” to Nathan’s three kids.

Cassie and her family enjoy spending quality time together whenever possible. The love that Cassie’s kids and partner have for her gave her the confidence to be her true self while on the show. Additionally, the Kentucky resident seems to be quite a skilled makeup artist and has actually been working for Signature Salon since February 19, 2020. Through social media, Cassie has also answered the questions of her fans and followers, especially regarding the Netflix show.

Autumn Ann Nielsen is in a Happy Relationship

For Autumn Ann Nielsen, ‘The Circle’ was certainly a unique experience, but she seems to have no regrets about how things unfolded. The resident of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, has been an online influencer since July 2020 and launched her brand, Western Spitfire, on April 1, 2024. The company deals with various cowboy-themed goods and is all about promoting the lifestyle that the reality TV star adores so much. She currently has over 281K followers on Instagram and is only gaining more and more momentum.

Everyone’s favorite cowgirl, Autumn, has snagged a cowboy for herself and does seem happy about it. Her partner is Lukas Karmuza, who is based in Nashville, Tennessee, and does seem to hold Autumn in high regard. The two seem to enjoy dancing and have a chemistry that is sure to warm many hearts. In support of Autumn’s latest venture, Lukas has also modeled for the Western Spitfire brand.

Steffi Hill Eloped and is Now Pregnant

Having been eliminated from the show for being suspected of being an AI, Steffi Hill‘s time on the Netflix show was nothing if not intriguing. Under the brand of Spirit Sis, the apparent Psychic Medium works as an Astrologer with proclaimed expertise in astrocartography. She also has a podcast called ‘Psychic Scoop’ and has an Instagram following of over 49K, while her TikTok account is followed by about 81K people. She has also worked on various entertainment projects in the past, including ‘The Community Wanderer,’ ‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture,’ and ‘Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.’

On a more personal note, Steffi Hill got married after her time on the show. She and her husband eloped to Kauai, Hawaii, and tied the knot there. The event took place at a beachside and was done keeping astrology, numerology, and astrocartography in mind. “Saying yes to this union was a step in the direction of disconnection from the old family and the specialness of building a new one. My elopement was non-traditional, and that’s why I never connected to the whole marriage concept,” she happily shared in April 2024 while announcing her marriage on social media. “My soul knew what it truly wanted & needed allll along!” Adding to this wonderful news, Steffi announced in May 2024 that she was now pregnant, confessing that she had known about it since January.

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