Lifetime’s Christmas Plus One: Exploring Filming and Cast Details

The Meeshelle Neal directorial, Lifetime’s ‘Christmas Plus One,’ is a holiday romantic comedy film that revolves around a casual pact that two sisters — Cara and Amy — make amongst themselves. It involves them finding their respective soulmates by the next Christmas but they don’t particularly have high hopes. Fast forward to a year later, while Amy is getting hitched in the winter with the man of his dreams, Cara finally meets the perfect man for herself — Chase — who is ready to go with her as her plus one to the wedding.

But soon, Cara almost immediately loses Chase’s phone number, losing all hope thereafter. Later, she runs into the magazine writer Michael, the man who was indirectly responsible for Cara losing the number of her plus one, at a cafe where he proposes to help her in her quest to find him. The rom-com movie unfolds in New York City against the setting of Christmas with the streets filled with snow, making the viewers curious about the filming locations of ‘Christmas Plus One.’

Where Was Christmas Plus One Filmed?

‘Christmas Plus One’ was filmed in its entirety in Ontario, especially in and around Hamilton. According to reports, principal photography for the Christmas film took place in the month of February 2022, for about a couple of weeks. So, let’s get to know all about the specific sites that make an appearance in the Lifetime production!

Hamilton, Ontario

Even though ‘Christmas Plus One’ is based in New York City, the production team reportedly utilized the locales of the city of Hamilton to make it stand in for the Big Apple. For instance, the train station scene right at the beginning was lensed in and around the Liuna Station at 360 James Street North in Hamilton. Originally built and opened as Hamilton C.N.R. Station in 1931, it is now a banquet and convention center where the professional staff is dedicated to making sure that their client’s necessities are provided for.

In addition, the filming unit also set up camp in various streets and neighborhoods across the city of Hamilton to tape different important scenes against suitable backdrops. To shoot the scenes involving Pete’s Cafe where Cara and Michael unexpectedly meet for the second time, the cast and crew members supposedly utilized the interiors of an actual cafe or restaurant in downtown Hamilton.

As far as the exterior scenes are concerned, they were mostly shot on location while redecorating the streets of Hamilton aptly to make them look like New York City’s. Apart from ‘Christmas Plus One,’ the locales of Hamilton have been featured in quite a lot of movies and TV shows over the years. Some of the notable ones include ‘Take Me Back for Christmas,’ ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing,’ ‘Undercover Holiday,’ ‘On the Twelfth Day of Christmas,’ and ‘The Love Club.’

Christmas Plus One Cast

‘Christmas Plus One’ is led by Emily Alatalo, who steps into the role of Cara Martin. Popularly known for her performance as Stevie in ‘Swerve’ and Ginnie McMillan in ‘Workin’ Moms,’ the actress also has projects like ‘The Princess and the Bodyguard,’ ‘A Bet with the Matchmaker,’ ‘Warehouse 13,’ and ‘The Detail’ to her name. Joining Emily in the film as Cara’s love interest, Michael Williams, is Corey Sevier. Kickstarting his career at the age of six, the talented actor has showcased his mettle in a wide range of movies and shows such as ‘Goosebumps,’ ‘Little Men,’ ‘2030 CE,’ ‘Cedar Cove,’ ‘Mistresses,’ ‘Pumpkin Everything,’ ‘Take Me Back for Christmas,’ among many others.

Vanessa Smythe essays the character of Emily’s sister, Amy. She has made a mark in the world of entertainment via her work as Michio in ‘The Expanse‘ and Shirley MacLaine in ‘Mrs. America.’ ‘Jump, Darling’ and ‘Designated Survivor‘ fame Andrew Bushell plays the role of Chace. Apart from these, the supporting cast of the Hallmark production also comprises Leighton Williams as Pete, Jane Moffat as Amelia Martin, Glen Michael Grant as Phil, Daniel Henkel as Chris Waters, Richard Lee as Giles, Michael Dickson as Gary Martin, and Isaiah Rockcliffe as Gregory.

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