Enjoyed Treason? Here Are 8 Shows You Will Also Like

Netflix’s ‘Treason’ is a thriller series created by Matt Charman that blends the elements of a spy drama with a strong family theme. It stars Charlie Cox (‘Daredevil‘) as Adam Lawrence, an MI6 agent who works as the deputy of the agency’s Chief. However, when Adam is forced to take his boss’ position in an emergency, his past begins to unravel. As a result, Adam finds his family’s life in danger and must work to uncover a criminal conspiracy that could end his career.

If you enjoyed the British show’s take on the espionage genre and its focus on character-based storytelling, you must be looking for more such shows to binge on. In that case, we have compiled a list of similar recommendations you will enjoy.

8. Kin (2021- )

Kin‘ is a crime drama series that follows the Kinsellas, an influential Irish family who is reeling from losing a young family member. After learning the truth about the boy’s murder, the Kinsellas are drawn into a conflict with an international criminal cartel. While the narrative of ‘Kin’ drastically differs from ‘Treason,’ both shows are grounded in reality through their strong family themes, and characters are motivated by their love for their family. Moreover, Charlie Cox and Ciarán Hinds appear in pivotal roles in both shows, giving ‘Kin’ a sense of familiarity for viewers of ‘Treason.’

7. The Recruit (2022- )

Created by Alexi Hawley, ‘The Recruit‘ is an action comedy series that attempts to reinvent the tropes of the spy thriller genre. The series stars Noah Centineo as Owen Hendricks and focuses on a newly recruited rookie CIA lawyer. As Owen learns to navigate the challenges of his new job, he must work with a former asset holding the agency’s dark secrets.

Like ‘Treason,’ the show brings a fresh and grounded perspective to the job of spies. Similarly, the complex relationship between Owen and Max resembles that of Adam and Kara. Viewers who enjoy a goofy, free-spirited adventure with doses of humor compared to the gritty tone of ‘Treason’ will undoubtedly enjoy ‘The Recruit.’

6. Bodyguard (2018)

Bodyguard‘ is a British thriller series created by Jed Mercurio and stars Richard Madden in the lead role. The narrative focuses on PS David Budd, a dedicated Principal Protection Officer (PPO) with PTSD. Budd’s life turns upside down after he is assigned to protect Julia Montague, a politician whose policies he loathes. The action-packed series is filled with heart-wrenching moments derived from blending politics with duty and nationalism. It also explores the resulting moral dilemmas grounding the show in reality. Thus, despite its vividly different premise, ‘Bodyguard’ is similar to ‘Treason’ because of its use of political themes.

5. The Game (2014)

‘The Game’ is a period drama series set in 1972 during the peak of the Cold War. It follows a team of unlikely spies who work for MI5 and fight invisible battles to save their nation. The thematically dense and fast-paced six-part spy thriller examines the nature of intelligence and its various types. Several characters with distinct motives and hidden secrets collide as the nation’s security is at stake. Therefore, the viewers of ‘Treason’ will find the overall storytelling style of ‘The Game’ familiar. However, the 70s period setting and retro methods of espionage provide a breath of fresh air for the viewers.

4. Mrs. Wilson (2018)

The historical drama series ‘Mrs. Wilson’ is based on riveting true events from the world of espionage. The narrative is set in the 1960s and revolves around Alison Wilson, a happily married woman whose life turns upside down after the death of her husband, Alexander “Alec” Wilson, a former MI6 officer. As the secrets from Alec’s past unravel and threaten to destroy Alison’s life, she must fight for survival. The gripping tale examines the impact of a spy’s professional lie on his personal life. Moreover, the character of Alison shares a similar story arc to that of Maddy in ‘Treason.’

3. The Bureau (2015-2020)

If you enjoy exploring the inner workings of different intelligence agencies, ‘The Bureau’ (also known as ‘Le Bureau des Légendes’) is your cup of tea. Created by Éric Rochant, the French series follows the lives of agents of the DGSE (General Directorate of External Security), France’s top intelligence-gathering agency. It tells several stories highlighting the nature of a spy’s life and elaborating on the risks one must take during their missions.

The show also explores inter-departmental politics and the broader impact of DGSE agents’ jobs. Therefore, ‘The Bureau’ shares spiritual similarity with ‘Treason.’ However, with a wide array of diverse characters and poignant storylines, ‘The Bureau’ is among the best spy shows of the modern era.

2. The Family Man (2019- )

The Family Man‘ is an Indian Hindi-language thriller series created by Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. It stars Manoj Bajpayee as Srikant “Sri” Tiwari, a senior Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC) officer. However, outside his job as a super spy, Srikant is a married man with two children who must maintain the facade of his typical middle-class family life.

The series sees Srikant dealing with national threats while juggling family responsibilities, making the show a mirror image of ‘Treason.’ However, ‘The Family Man’ takes time not to take itself too seriously and features heart-warming moments that better utilize the family theme merely touched upon in ‘Treason.’

1. Alias (2001–2006)

Created by J. J. Abrams, ‘Alias’ is an action thriller series starring Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper in the lead roles. It centers on Sydney Bristow, a CIA agent posing to be a part of SD-6, a notorious criminal and espionage organization. While Sydney works on dangerous missions to take down powerful criminals, she must also hide the true nature of her work from friends and family.

The series is known for introducing a grounded take on the spy genre and the duality of working as a double agent that ‘Treason’ thrives on. The critically acclaimed series won numerous Emmy Awards and is considered the origin of modern spy-themed television shows. Hence, ‘Alias’ takes the top spot on this list.

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