Selling the OC Season 2: Where Are the Realtors Now?

As a Netflix original living up to its title and parent production in every way imaginable, ‘Selling the OC‘ can only be described as equal parts catty, dramatic, entertaining, fierce, and glamorous. That’s because it revolves around some of the most competitive realtors under The Oppenheim Group in Orange County as they navigate both their personal as well as professional lives in full. So now — with season 2 of this incredible production having recently landed on our screens — let’s find out precisely what all its leading cast members have been up to these days, shall we?

Jason Oppenheim is Thriving in Real Estate Business Now

As the Owner, President, and Broker of The Oppenheim Group, Jason is honestly thriving in the world of luxury real estate at the moment, especially with the grand opening of two new offices. There was already one in Los Angeles and another in Newport Beach, but now this agency operates out of San Diego, California, and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, as well, making it clear he’s ready for more. As for this 46-year-old realtor’s personal life, he was dating 25-year-old LA-Paris-based model Marie-Lou Nuerk, but they reportedly split following ten months together in May 2023.

Alex Hall is Spending Time With Loved Ones

With Alex’s dedication to her profession, her ability to provide for her two young kids, as well as the recent occurrences in her personal life, it seems like she’s more than content as of writing. While she hasn’t outrightly confirmed her relationship status, the post above does indicate she’s involved, and it could very well be with her co-star Tyler Stanaland since they’re admittedly trying to navigate their bond. In fact, she recently even said, “There are some things that are undeniable between Tyler and myself, and so we’re trying to tread lightly, give each other grace, and see where it goes.”

Tyler Stanaland is Focusing on His Career

Since Tyler’s divorce from actress Brittany Snow was cordially finalized in July 2023, it appears as if he’s been doing his best to move on and ensure that he can have a complete family again in the future. That’s why his attraction to Alex Hall is multifold; apart from their electric physical spark as well as deep emotional connection, he knows for a fact family is this single mother of two’s very first priority. But alas, even this 6th-generation agent concedes there was a wall because “It’s both a blessing and a curse to explore a relationship that starts out as a friendship. There’s a lot of things that come with it and there’s a lot more at stake as well.”

Gio Helou is Spending Time With Family Today

Aside from serving as a top realtor alongside one of his sisters and mother, Gio is currently preparing to welcome his first child with long-term love, Tiffany; they’re due to have a baby boy in late September. However, this pregnancy has not been easy for the married couple in any way, shape, or form; in fact, they actually started attending couples’ therapy in spring to ensure they could work things out. Since then though, as indicated through their online presence, it looks like they’ve slowly yet steadily made a lot of progress by choosing one another as their life partner in every sense every single day.

Alexandra Jarvis is a Realtor Associate Now

Despite strange rumors by colleagues and the public alike, twice-divorcee Jarvis joyously eloped to tie the knot with self-made fin-tech industry millionaire Sergio Ducoulombier on April 14, 2023. They ostensibly said their vows at the iconic Villa del Balbianello overlooking Lake Como, Italy, before enjoying a private boat ride to nearby Bellagio, and then their reception was a private dinner for two too. Therefore, today, the 33-year-old is simply enjoying her standing as an utterly in-love newlywed, all the while maintaining her hard-earned position as a realtor associate at the Newport Beach office.

Alexandra Rose is Exploring  New Adventures

From one Alexandra to another, we have Rose — she is the perfect blend of both her native Orange County, California, and the place where she spent all her adolescent years, Dallas, Texas. It hence comes as no surprise she not only has a unique charm but is also very, very outspoken, which honestly gets her into as much trouble as it gets her out of owing to sheer unintentional bluntness. So, it seems like she’s just enjoying a steady yet often eventful phase at the moment, meaning she’s devoting all her time to either working or having new outdoor adventures alongside friends.

Kayla Cardona is Focusing on Her Career Today

There is a lot 34-year-old Kayla offers to provide for her son as a single mother – real estate, public speaking, as well as fitness courses – and she somehow does it all without any significant issues. She does admittedly get overwhelmed from time to time, but the fact she knows it’s to care for her teen son while building wealth for them as a family keeps her motivated every step of the way. Nevertheless, she does have other passions too; if she’s not working, you’ll probably find her at the gym, hiking, jogging on the beach, reading, or spending quality alone time with her loved ones.

Polly Brindle is an Avid Traveller Today

Although a native of England, Polly has actually been an official US citizen since March 2022, meaning she’s not in the county on a visa anymore and can work without hurdles to her heart’s desire. “SO excited to finally be able to call the country I have lived in for over a decade, home,” the model turned agent had penned at the time. “The security of knowing that the place I have my house, my dog, my friends, and my career is officially official means more to me than most of you will know.” Hence, of course, this divorced 37-year-old has since been taking full advantage of her standing by continuing to succeed as a realtor as well as by traveling across the globe.

Brandi Marshall is a Fashion Nova Ambassador Today

Despite being a realtor, a communications specialist, and a mother of two, it appears as if Brandi has managed to find the perfect balance between her everyday personal and professional experiences. After all, this former public relations executive is not only an associate at The Oppenheim Group, but she’s also a Fashion Nova Ambassador plus a rising public figure signed by Zink Talent. Moreover, per her own formal business profile, she’s an avid contributor to the ALS Foundation, supports several fundraising efforts for disorders such as Autism, and is an extremely proud Girl Scouts mom.

Austin Victoria is Spending Time With Family Today

As someone who can only be described as careful, impulsive, and hard-working, Austin is truly one of a kind; he plans far ahead when it comes to family as well as finances, yet is often hasty with career opportunities. That’s just part of why he and his long-term love/wife Lisa are the most idyllic pair; she apparently brings him back down to Earth before actually discussing things with him to make a final decision. And that’s what they continue to do to this day, all the while caring for their twin daughters.

Ali Harper is Living With Her Boyfriend in Nashville Now

Last but not least, we have Alexandra “Ali” Harper, who has since moved from Nashville, Tennessee, to Laguna Beach, California, for good alongside her loving boyfriend Luke England. It is actually unclear whether she has received her real estate license as of writing or not, yet we do know she’s still in heavy contact with each of her fellow castmates/The Oppenheim Group’s employees. “It’s been tough not being 10 minutes away from [my parents] for the first time ever,” this now-amature chef influencer, beauty expert, plus aspiring agent recently said prior to indicating she’s ready to continue her journey to join the firm.

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