My Husband’s Seven Wives: Filming Locations and Cast Explored

With Louise Alston at the helm, ‘My Husband’s Seven Wives‘ narrates a shocking story of misplaced trust, betrayal, and revenge. Maggie’s love life is seemingly idyllic after she marries the man of her dreams, Alan. Things take a tumultuous turn when a stranger approaches, causing a revelation that shakes her to the core. A woman, Pam, claims to be the real wife of Alan and demands she back away. While they are initially at odds, the pair delve into Alan’s past and uncover a shocking reality.

The man has cheated several women out of their wealth under the guise of marriage before and plans to do the same with them. Fuming at his deceit, the two women put their heads together to fittingly exact revenge, not just for them but for all the women he has harmed. The Lifetime film takes us through the extraordinary situation Maggie finds herself in, upon getting the shock of a lifetime. Her riveting journey takes place in seemingly ordinary suburban environments, prompting some to inquire about where the movie actually was actually filmed.

My Husband’s Seven Wives Shooting Locations

‘My Husband’s Seven Wives’ was filmed within the city of Acworth and around Atlanta, in the state of Georgia. Principal photography began in early May 2023 and was wrapped up in around three weeks by May 20, 2023. During its filming, the movie was tentatively titled, ‘He Had Seven Wives!.’ The crew seems to have especially enjoyed their time on set, keeping up good spirits despite multiple night shoots. “Had a great time designing the looks for this film and doing it alongside a great crew who brought their game and positive attitude every day,” wrote production designer Starla Christian in a caption of pictures she shared on her social media account. Let us venture to the shooting locations!

Acworth, Georgia

Situated in the heart of the Peach State, Acworth became the main filming location for ‘My Husband’s Seven Wives.’ The neighborhoods and streets seen in the film are actually locales of Acworth. The suburban pockets of the city feature tree-lined paths, well-kept homes, and a welcoming atmosphere that authentically mirrors the quintessential American suburb. The film crew was likely drawn to these surroundings for their ability to evoke a sense of familiarity and relatability, making them ideal backdrops for their thriller, which starkly contrasts its everyday settings with its scandalizing narrative.

This quaint city, framed by the serene landscapes of Lake Acworth and steeped in historical richness, is capable of offering a distinctive backdrop. Its well-preserved historic architecture, cobblestone roads, and vibrant Main Street are beautifully complemented by the tranquility of its surrounding wooded landscapes. Yet despite its cinematic appeal, the city is a hidden gem for the film industry, with very few prominent productions filmed here.

Atlanta, Georgia

The state capital and its surrounding areas were utilized by the filmmakers to lens a number of the movie’s sequences around them. The city’s urban bustle and quieter locales can be spotted in certain parts of the film. Known for its diverse neighborhoods and dynamic cityscape, Atlanta is a cinematic powerhouse, with a large number of Lifetime movies produced here to make use of its supportive filming infrastructure. Some of these include, ‘The Perfect In-Laws,’ ‘The Neighbors Are Watching,’ ‘Murder at the Country Club,’ and ‘Nightmare School Moms.’

My Husband’s Seven Wives Cast

The film is led by Kristi Murdock stepping into the shoes of Maggie. Kristi is an experienced actress when it comes to Lifetime movies, having featured in ‘My Nightmare Office Affair,’ ‘Spring Break Nightmare,’ ‘Danger Lurking Under My Roof,’ and ‘The Serial Killer Seduced Me.’ Starring beside her is Christina Licciardi, who can be spotted in ‘Love’s Fast Lane,’ ‘Her Affair to Die For,’ ‘Alien Siege,’ and ‘Apocalypse of Ice.’

Taking up the villain’s role is Adam Harper, a talented actor who has previously worked with Christina in ‘Her Affair to Die For,’ and can be seen in other Lifetime flicks such as ‘Murder at the Country Club,’ ‘My Killer Reunion,’ ‘Nightmare Pageant Moms,’ and ‘Danger on Party Island.’ He has also taken up guest roles in prominent productions like ‘The Blacklist,’ ‘Uncoupled,’ ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,’ and ‘Law & Order: Organized Crime.’

Supporting cast members for the film include Amanda Rosario Glass as Adrian, Kylie Delre as Kristin, K.J. Baker as Katie, Joseph Mazza as Pete, and LaTrallo Presley as Buddy. Also appearing in the production are Brendan Goshay as Curtis, Nathan Lee as Max, Bonny Breuer as Selma, Cat Borovicka as Officer Novak, Bryan Frank as Barry, and Cody Kahaku as Ethan.

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