Reports: ‘Snow White’ is One of the Better Live-Action Disney Remakes

‘Snow White,’ the live-action remake of the 1937 animated film ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,’ is “one of the better Disney live-action remakes,” revealed a test screening reaction. The attendee of the screening praised Greta Gerwig’s screenplay, which she co-wrote with Erin Cressida Wilson, by adding that it “carried” the film. According to the viewer, the “scope and magic” of the film can be compared to the same of Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Cinderella.’

The songs performed by Rachel Zegler, who plays the titular character Snow White, were also well-received. However, Gal Gadot’s performance as the Evil Queen, the infamous antagonist of the ‘Snow White’ tale, was described as “theater-like and over the top dramatic.” Gadot’s character has numerous outfits as well. Zegler’s Snow White, on the other hand, apparently wears two outfits and a cloak.

The test screening attendee also revealed that the film comprises several songs originally composed for the remake, including “Waiting on a Wish.” These songs are combined with a few tracks from the original film. Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, who wrote “City of Stars” for ‘La La Land’ and “This Is Me” for ‘The Greatest Showman,’ are behind the original songs.

According to the viewer, the film starts with flashback sequences that revolve around Snow White’s childhood. If the original film has little people as pivotal characters, the same has become “merry men” in the remake. The group also hides in a cottage in the woods to avoid getting caught by the Evil Queen. The Huntsman, who gets ordered to kill Snow White by the Evil Queen, has a more prominent role in the remake when compared to the original film. The remake is slated to be released on March 22, 2024.

Disney’s decision to replace the “Seven Dwarfs” of the original film with “magical creatures” of all sizes and genders was under immense scrutiny. The admirers of the original film criticized the studio’s decision to prioritize being “politically correct” over faithful to the original material. The casting of a Latina as Snow White was also under fire. “Extremely appreciative of the love I feel from those defending me online, but please don’t tag me in the nonsensical discourse about my casting,” Zegler responded to the criticisms.

Zegler made her feature film debut with Steven Spielberg‘s musical filmWest Side Story,’ playing Maria in the same. The actress won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical for her performance in the film. Zegler contributed to the soundtrack of ‘West Side Story’ by performing five songs as well. Her other credits include Anthea in ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods,’ Lucy Gray Baird in ‘The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes,’ and an unrevealed character in Kyle Mooney’s ‘Y2K.’

Gadot is playing the Evil Queen after portraying Wonder Woman in ‘The Flash’ and ‘Shazam! Fury of the Gods,’ Gisele in ‘Fast X,’ Linnet Ridgeway in ‘Death on the Nile,’ The Bishop in ‘Red Notice,’ etc. The rest of the cast includes Ansu Kabia (‘The Sandman’) as the Huntsman, Martin Klebba (the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise) as Grumpy, Andrew Burnap (‘WeCrashed’) as Jonathan, etc.

Marc Webb, who directed the two ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ films, ‘500 Days of Summer,’ ‘Gifted,’ and ‘The Only Living Boy in New York,’ is at the helm of the film. Wilson, who co-wrote the film with Greta of ‘Barbie’ and ‘Little Women,’ previously wrote Atom Egoyan’s ‘Chloe,’ Maggie Gyllenhaal-starrer ‘Secretary,’ Emily Blunt-starrer ‘The Girl on the Train,’ etc.

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