Tough as Nails Season 5: Where Are The Contestants Now?

Image Credit: Matt Barnes/CBS

Created by Phil and Louise Keoghan, ‘Tough as Nails‘ is a CBS reality show that poses its participants with various challenges. Each contestant has to complete the task given to them at a particular job site while trying to progress in the competition and earn as much money as possible. While the show has been popular since it first aired in 2020, its recently released season 5 has undoubtedly added to its fame, mainly due to its fabulous cast.

Ben Dempsey Owns a Tiling Company Today

Let’s start by looking into what the season 5 winner, Benjamin “Ben” Dempsey, is up to these days. Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the winner of $240,000 is actually the CEO and Owner of Breakwater Tiling, a company always eager to satisfy the needs of its customers. As it turns out, the Professional Tile Installer is happily married to Carley Dempsey. They got married in September 2022 after their engagement in December 2021.

Todd Anderson Prefers to Live a Private Life Today

Runner-up Todd Anderson seems to be thriving in his life. The toolmaker has earned many fans with his reality TV performance, all happy to showcase their support for him on the internet. More often than not, Todd prefers to keep the details of his personal life private, though he has been pleased to show the world how much support he has garnered from his loved ones, including his daughter. One of his most loyal companions is his dog, often featured on the CBS star’s social media.

Kenji Ngo is Enjoying Family Life in Wisconsin Now

Next, we have Kenji Ngo, based in Janesville, Wisconsin. The reality TV star is a man of many talents whose diverse skillset helped him climb higher in the competition. As of writing, Kenji seems content with spending time with his family. The jack-of-all-trades is happily married, though he seemingly prefers to keep his wife’s name private. He is also a proud father to his two kids, a son and a daughter, around 4 and 9, respectively.

Jessica Hayes is Managing Fine Line Remodeling in Texas

Based in Cedar Park, Texas, Jessica Hayes works as a Remodeling Contractor for Fine Line Remodeling in Austin, Texas. Along with her husband, Jason Hayes, the Army Veteran is actually one of the company’s owners and is quite proud of her work. The two are proud parents of their children, Olsen and Maya. The happy family, who has three adorable dogs, likes to be together as much as possible.

Dustin Bradford is Enjoying Family Life

Firefighter Dustin Bradford has been a part of the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services for over 15 years and lives in the beautiful city of Edmonton, Alberta. The reality TV star often uses his free time to do his own projects, which indicates how he gained the skills that helped him in the CBS show. As of writing, Dustin is happily married to wife Margaret and takes much joy in his role as a father of two beautiful girls, Farrah and Eleanor. Together, the family of four often travels across Canada and the US, savoring every happy moment. Besides, Dustin is pretty attached to his dog Jaromir.

Akeela Al-Hameed Continues to Focus on Fitness Training

Speaking of firefighters, let’s now talk about Akeela Al-Hameed, who lives in Oakdale, Minnesota. The Army veteran is a firefighter at Station 16 in North Minneapolis and is exceptionally talented in jujitsu, even participating in several Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) competitions. Happily married to wife Grace Witthuhn, Akeela enjoys working out, which helps her keep her physique in the best shape possible.

Paul Hamilton is Exploring the World With His Wife Dina

Paul Hamilton is a Maintenance Supervisor and a Red Seal Journeyman Automotive Mechanic whose skillset is impressively diverse, as evidenced by his many certifications. The reality TV star is very much in love with his wife, Joette “Dina” Bradish, whom he never fails to hype up. The couple has a son named Patrick Hamilton, who lives in Calgary, Alberta, while Paul is based in Airdrie, Alberta. Whenever possible, he and Dina like to explore the world and enjoy everything that the world has to offer. Tragically, the two lost their beloved dogs, Ruby and Emma, in June and December 2022.

Cheryl Lieteau is Crafting Carpentry Skills in Massachusetts

Image Credit: Matt Barnes/CBS

Presently, Cheryl Lieteau works as a Carpenter for Eastwind Corporation, having joined the company in April 2021. Based in Worcester, Massachusetts, the reality TV star seemingly prefers to keep her personal life private and is not very active on social media. Eliminated at the eighth position from the CBS show, she took home a total of $20,000. We wish Cheryl the best and hope she continues fulfilling her dreams and aspirations.

Marcus Jones Leads a Private Life

A decidedly private person, Marcus Jones keeps the details of his personal life under wraps, though his life as a married man certainly seems joyful. As fans of the show might know, the reality TV star is a CO2 Technician, though that is not the only career path he has taken up. Marcus is also a talented model and actor represented by Icon Studios, a company based in Dallas, Texas. Meanwhile, he lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

Carly Steiman is Thriving in Her Career Now

Incredibly proud of her work as an Electrician, Carly Steiman seems to be living her best life. The Licensed Electrician and Lighting Consultant has worked with several entertainment projects, like ‘Snowpiercer,’ ‘Hemlock Grove,’ and ‘Suits,’ as a part of the camera and electrical department. As for her personal life, the reality TV star seems to enjoy spending time with friends and family and is based in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, including the town of Squamish.

Yesi Reyes is Advancing in Ironworking Today

Yesi Reyes represented Los Angeles, California, in the fifth season of the CBS show, earning many fans. Having stepped foot in the world of Ironworking in 2017, the reality TV star became a Journeyman in August 2021, an achievement she is proud of. While she is pretty happy in her relationship with partner Gigi Peretz, Yesi has shared how her relationship with her brother, Javi, is strained, which has apparently led her to become distant from several other family members. She wants to let go of this strain, especially since she is eager to meet her nephew, Javi Jr.

Carolina Paredes is an Avid Photographer Now

We are excited to talk about Carolina Paredes, whose work as a Motorcycle Builder is nothing short of impressive. Based in Houston, Texas, the CBS star became an Ambassador for BMW of North America in July 2023. A month before that (June 2023), Carolina started working with Mo Muscle Cars as its Marketing Director. Additionally, she is the Creative Director/Boss of Graphikos Marketing and Multimedia, the Founder of The Full Throttle Charities, an Ambassador for Scorpion EXO, and a Builder for Tankfull Shop. Carolina is an avid photographer with a separate Instagram account where she shares her most eye-catching pictures.

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