Hallmark’s Tipline Mysteries Dial 1 for Murder: All Filming Locations and Cast

Helmed by Jessica Harmon and her mother Cynde Harmon, Hallmark’s ‘Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder’ is a mystery drama movie that follows Maddie Moore, a concierge at a Detroit hotel during the day and an employee at the tipline department of the Detroit Free Press at nights. Working as a tipline operator, she receives all kinds of calls, including people claiming alien sightings and complaining about lost cats. However, when a cryptic call comes in that tips her about a planned jewelry heist, she gets involved in a mysterious homicide case along with a charming and newly promoted detective named Beeks.

When Detective Beeks demands Maddie stay out of the case, she decides to do her own investigating while stumbling upon him occasionally. As she proves her abilities, he teams up with her, and together, they embark on a mission to uncover the entire truth. The grim and suspenseful themes of the film are complemented by the dark visuals throughout the movie. The story unfolds in Detroit, mainly inside the Detroit Free Press office, which begs some questions regarding its shooting sites.

Where Was Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder Filmed?

‘Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder’ was filmed in its entirety in British Columbia, particularly in Greater Vancouver. According to reports, principal photography for the detective film took place in February 2024. Given the versatility of British Columbia, the filming unit found it easy to make it stand in for Michigan.

Greater Vancouver, British Columbia

Although the entire movie is set in Detroit, Michigan, ‘Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder’ was shot in Greater Vancouver, AKA Metro Vancouver, a metropolitan region with the eponymous city as its urban center. The production team ensured that the skyline and locales of the region ideally matched the setting of the movie. To be specific, the city of Vancouver doubled as Detroit for major portions of the mystery movie. The cast and crew members seemingly took over the facilities of one of the film studios in Greater Vancouver to shoot most of the interior scenes.

Furthermore, several streets and neighborhoods of the City of Langley were utilized for the production of ‘Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder’ as well. Apart from the Hallmark film, Greater Vancouver has hosted the shooting of various film and TV projects over the years, such as ‘Summer of 84,’ ‘Gretel & Hansel,’ ‘Curious Caterer: Dying for Chocolate,’ ‘Murdoch Mysteries,’ ‘Dead Boy Detectives,’ and ‘Under the Bridge.’

Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder Cast

Known for her prominent role in ‘Teen Wolf,’ Holland Roden essays the role of Maddie Moore in ‘Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder.’ Many of you might also recognize her from her pivotal roles in ‘Mother, May I?,’ ‘Escape Room: Tournament of Champions,’ ‘Lore,’ and ‘Mayans M.C..’ She has also been featured in other Hallmark projects, including ‘Making Waves‘ and ‘Time for Him to Come Home for Christmas.’ On the other hand, Chris McNally dons the garb of Detective Beeks in the Hallmark movie. During his successful acting career, he has bagged roles in several acclaimed movies and TV shows, such as ‘Lucifer,’ ‘Supernatural,’ ‘Riverdale,’ ‘Killer Instinct,’ ‘Altered Carbon,’ ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies,’ and ‘Firefly Lane.’

McNally also appears in numerous Hallmark films — ‘A Tail of Love,’ ‘The Sweetest Heart,’ and ‘3 Bed, 2 Bath, 1 Ghost.’ Besides the two leads, you might notice other actors in the movie, including Ryan Beil as Ardie, Garrett Black as Nick, Eric Breker as Detective Grazier, Leo Chiang as Luke, Riley Davis as Ethan, Sarah Formosa as Penny, Susan Hogan as Marcella, and Lisa Kimberley as Olivia. The Hallmark murder mystery film also features other talented actors in supporting yet important roles — Adam Klassen as Gil, Dylan McEwan as Toby, Debbie Podowski as Ms. White, Cheyenne Rouleau as Cheryl, Cassandra Sawtell as Amanda Bly, Chris Shields as Ron, David Stuart as Mr. White, and Jill Teed as Captain Nyland.

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