Who is Banner’s Lawyer in 1923? Who Plays Him?

The second half of Paramount+’s Western series ‘1923’ revolves around Jacob and Cara Dutton’s efforts to retaliate against Banner Creighton for severely hurting their family. Cara, fearing that Jacob will fight against Banner without a shield, brings Sheriff McDowell to the Dutton Ranch, expecting him to put an end to her husband’s plans and be his shield. In the seventh episode of the series, McDowell and Jacob join hands to arrest Banner as the Dutton patriarch settles with a “lawful” vengeance. After his arrest, an unnamed lawyer visits him at the station. If you are intrigued to know more about the lawyer, here’s what we can share! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Chadwick Benton: Banner’s Lawyer

When Banner Creighton gets arrested, the business tycoon Donald Whitfield realizes the need for arranging his release since the Scottish sheepherder is an integral part of his mining plans. Donald wants a face and a man who can do dirty work for him so that he can lay his hands on the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch to set up a gold mine. Thus, he asks his lawyer Chadwick Benton to make sure that the sheep herder doesn’t get convicted. Since Donald seemingly trusts Benton enough to protect one of his most useful pawns, it is safe to assume that the lawyer is an exceptional one in his profession.

Benton meets Banner with a remarkable amount of confidence. When Banner fears the death penalty since he led an attack that killed two and injured more, the lawyer is relaxed about his client’s fate. He assures Banner that there is still hope left for him, indicating that there is a way that can be used to ensure that he will not get sentenced to death. One of the first things Benton enquires about the case is the name of the judge who is slated to preside over his client’s trial. Using Donald’s authority and his reputation, Benton may meet the judge before the trial to make sure that Banner will not be sent to the gallows as Jacob wanted.

Although Banner is Donald’s general in his war against the Duttons, the businessman doesn’t want his alliance with the sheepherder to become public knowledge. Thus, Benton may become the businessman’s voice during the trial. Donald may also want to avoid a confrontation with Jacob during the trial and Benton may rise to the occasion to protect the businessman’s interests.

Currie Graham Plays Banner’s Lawyer

Currie Graham, who is known for his performance as Lt. Thomas Bale in ‘NYPD Blue,’ plays Chadwick Benton in ‘1923.’ Graham made his acting debut in a TV movie titled ‘Survive the Night,’ released in 1993. Throughout the 1990s, he appears in several television shows such as ‘Suddenly Susan,’ ‘Nash Bridges,’ ‘ER,’ ‘The Big Easy,’ ‘Pacific Blue,’ and ‘L.A. Doctors’ in a guest capacity. In the 2000s, Graham was a part of the recurring or guest cast of several renowned shows such as ‘CSI,’ ‘24,’ ‘The Division,’ ‘CSI: Miami,’ ‘House,’ ‘Boston Legal,’ etc.

Graham’s recent credits include ‘Reacher,’ in which he plays the antagonist Kliner Sr., the owner of Kliner Industries. He plays Stuart in ‘Titans,’ Ben McRee in ‘The Rookie,’ Henry Vega in ‘Ten Days in the Valley,’ Craig in ‘Westworld,’ Calvin Chadwick in ‘Agent Carter,’ Mario Siletti in ‘Murder in the First,’ Walter Mashburn in ‘The Mentalist,’ Nick Balco in ‘Raising the Bar,’ etc. as well. The actor’s film credits include Bellator in ‘Pompeii,’ Mike Kahane in Ethan Hawke-starrer ‘Assault on Precinct 13,’ etc.

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