Loved Dream Home Makeover? Here Are 7 Reality Shows You Will Also Like

A Netflix original that centers around Utah-based couple Shea and Syd McGee as they grant their clients tailored renovations of a lifetime, ‘Dream Home Makeover‘ genuinely lives up to its title. After all, it not only incorporates how they carefully design every aspect of different families’ forever homes per their unique yet luxe styles but also underscores their own domestic experiences.

We thus get an insight into Shea and Syd’s thriving long-term personal and professional partnership, making the entire reality series perfectly binge-able at every step. So now, if you want to dip into something similar, we have the perfect recommendations.

7. Hidden Potential (2017- )

‘Hidden Potential’ is an HGTV series that essentially charts designer/contractor Jasmine Roth’s goal of ensuring no two houses across Southern California are alike, especially in the suburbs. There’s not much she can do regarding the exteriors without affecting the core foundation of each structure, yet she does transform the interiors into extremely personalized layouts. That she’s hands-on, genuinely loves her job, and doesn’t hesitate to share her familial influences or experiences undeniably makes the show comparable to ‘Dream Home Makeover.’

6. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (2003-2012)

If we’re being honest, ABC’s ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition‘ is one of the biggest refurbishment series’ to have ever graced our screens owing to the sheer number of experts involved. That’s because the basic concept of this original is for them to surprise deserving families with the life-changing rebuilding of their entire house in a mere seven days while they’re away on vacation. It’s thus light-hearted, heart-warming, and positively moving in every sense of the term, just like the production involving the Studio McGee owners and their skilled work for real people.

5. Instant Dream Home (2022- )

Netflix’s ‘Instant Dream Home‘ is both like ‘Dream Home Makeover’ and ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’ because it also involves surprise yet wholly unique remodelings for deserving individuals. The only difference here is that the specialists do the actual work within a day following months of intense preparation to ensure their upgrades are to their unaware clients’ precise liking. Moreover, we should mention it follows Danielle Brooks as host, Paige Mobley as Special Projects Lead, Erik Curtis as Carpenter, Nick Cutsumpas as Exterior Designer, and Adair Curtis as Interior Designer.

4. Tiny House Nation (2014-2019)

Although ‘Tiny House Nation‘ doesn’t feature the personal lives of renovation professionals John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, it makes up by exploring their clients’ backstories in utter detail. This facet is rather significant since it enables the hard-working, creative duo to assemble the latter’s ideal home in a small space spanning less than (or around) 500 square feet. It hence results in customized furniture, storage units, and entertainment spots, amongst many more, which then provide uniqueness, along with proof you don’t need a massive area to lead a happy life.

3. Fixer To Fabulous (2019- )

‘Fixer to Fabulous’ is a reality series that revolves around married couple Dave and Jenny Marrs, renovators specializing in converting timeworn properties into dream contemporary spaces. Whether it be newly single parents or partners at any stage of their lives, if someone in their base area of Arkansas needs an upgrade to match their residence to their lifestyles and personalities, they do not hesitate to step in. Yes, Dave and Jenny focus on transforming historic estates into charming masterpieces with every possible amenity, but the core crux of their show and ‘Dream Home Makeover’ remains the same.

2. Flip or Flop (2013-2022)

Centering around Tarek El Moussa and Christina Hall as they purchase distressed properties to redevelop them before hopefully selling the same for at least a small profit, ‘Flip or Flip’ is simply incredible. The then-married couple hosted the series throughout their divorce and remarriage to different people while familiarizing us with the worlds of real estate, architecture, and design. The blend of personal and professional elements in this reality series, alongside its unwaveringly warm tone no matter the situation, makes it just as entertaining as Shea and Syd McGee’s show.

1. Fixer Upper (2013-2018)

Renovation, design, and real estate professionals Chip and Joanna Gaines are the stars of ‘Fixer Upper,’ a reality series that lives up to its title in the same manner as ‘Dream Home Makeover.’ These Texan natives are just like the McGees in a sense; they, too, take on clients who desperately want their forever homes to be their dream abodes, with the only difference being their projects are always fixer-uppers. In other words, Chip and Joanna recondition each home per their client’s personal preferences, yet it’s often much more since they have to take the original structures and other elements into consideration.

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