Who is the Richest Agent on Buying Beverly Hills? Net Worths, Ranked

Netflix’s ‘Buying Beverly Hills‘ brings viewers to the glamourous world of real estate in Los Angeles County, California. The reality series revolves around the employees of The Agency as they try to navigate their personal and professional experiences. With each realtor trying their best to be the best in their area, the competition between them is certainly entertaining to watch. One of the most captivating elements of the show, though, is perhaps the luxurious lifestyle that the various cast members enjoy. Naturally, this has led many fans to wonder just how rich they are. So, just to answer that and have your back, we have listed the leading agents in ascending order of their net worths.

10. Brandon Graves – $1.5 Million

Starting off, we have Brandon Graves, a member of the Grauman Rosenfeld Group at The Agency. He’s originally from Phoenix, Arizona, where he developed an interest in the real estate industry at a young age. However, he did also train as a classical musician and dancer before performing in multiple seasons of the NBA and the WNBA. The now-public figure then worked in the private health insurance sector for over 15 years, during which he quickly reached the upper management level. Though, in 2010, he shifted to Los Angeles for good and ultimately began focusing on his first true passion. The broker thus joined The Agency in 2020, where he has been performing admirably, and was even declared the Agent Of The Month in September 2022 for his Group. Therefore, we estimate Brandon Graves’ net worth to be around $1.5 million.

9. Sonika Vaid – $1.5 Million

Having garnered much popularity by being a finalist in ‘American Idol’ season 15 (2016), Sonika Vaid became a part of The Agency in March 2019. She just worked as an Executive Assistant/Agent initially. However, in December 2020, she evolved into a full-time Real Estate Agent internally as part of the Grauman Rosenfeld Group. That’s not to say she has left her singing days behind her, though; she’s still a Recording Artist and has posted her original works on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube to stream. Thanks to her various ventures, we believe Sonika Vaid’s net worth to be about $1.5 million.

8. Joey Ben-Zvi – $2 Million

Joey Ben-Zvi actually started working at a very young age after he and his friends established Plus Prosthetics in March 2013, yet he seemingly left the firm after just a month. The California native then went on to work as an Intern for the Institute of Myeloma and Bone Cancer from June 2013 to August 2014. He subsequently pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison before immediately joining The Agency in May 2018. As a member of the Umansky team, Joey got to learn from some of the biggest names within the industry. Therefore, in January 2021, he grasped the opportunity to establish the BZP Group alongside fellow broker Brandon Piller to provide the best possible customer service. Given his impressive sales record and professional acumen, we estimate Joey Ben-Zvi’s net worth to be around $2 million.

7. Alexia Umansky – $2 Million

As the second eldest daughter of the blended Umansky family, Alexia Umansky grew up learning about the world of real estate. The apple of her parents,’ Mauricio Umansky and Kyle Richards,’ eyes thus joined The Agency shortly after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Communication from Emerson College in 2018. She knowingly followed in the footsteps of her father and older sister, Farrah Brittany, because they are her inspiration. However, the youngster has since managed to make a name for herself as an individual and currently serves as the Marketing Specialist for the Umansky Team, primarily due to her educational background and social media knowledge. We hence estimate Alexia Umansky’s net worth to be around $2 million.

6. Melissa Platt – $6.5 Million

Originally from Plano, Texas, Melissa Platt graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development and Family Studies in 2012. She actually worked with Prada in the Greater New York City Area during these college years as a Miu Miu Buying Intern, that is, until August 2011. Prior to being a part of the real estate industry, though, the Texas native also worked with Todd Events Creative Services and Bollare. Yet she soon went on to earn the required licenses for California as well as Texas, allowing her to work in both states. She was initially a broker at Hilton & Hyland but has been affiliated with The Agency since March 2014. We should mention she is even a part of Allie Beth Allman & Associates for her work in Texas. Given her impressive set of skills and portfolio, we believe Melissa Platt’s net worth to be approximately $6.5 million.

5. Allie Lutz Rosenberger – $7.5 Million

Allie Lutz Rosenberger, daughter of renowned doubles tennis player Robert “Bob” Lutz, graduated from the University of Southern California in 2007 with honors and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies. The California resident later became a part of Gussman Czako’s Luxury Sales division in August 2013 and stayed there for about two years. That’s because she joined The Agency in July 2015 as the Director of Estates, though her job title changed to Managing Partner of The Agency South Bay in August 2015. The mother of three is also quite passionate about philanthropic ventures and is always open to dedicating herself to worthwhile causes. At present, we estimate Allie Lutz Rosenberger’s net worth to be around $7.5 million.

4. Ben Belack – $10 Million

As an agent with over a decade of field experience, Benjamin “Ben” Belack has established himself as one of the best in the industry — he’s the “Beverly Hills Super Realtor.” Hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ben grew up learning about the hospitality industry, which helped him serve as a reputed sommelier in popular Michelin-star restaurants for years. However, in January 2010, he switched gears and started working for Teles Properties but left the organization behind in February 2014. That’s when he became a part of The Agency, where he presently serves as the Director of Residential Estates. He is also the man behind the Ben Belack Group and thus mentors the industry’s fresh blood. As if that’s not enough, the broker is a content creator as well; he likes to share his knowledge about real estate and give life lessons on social media. We believe Ben Belack’s net worth to be around $10 million.

3. Jon Grauman – $12 Million

In September 2003, Jon Grauman became a part of Rockland Financial as a Loan Officer. He worked there until January 2005, switching to Metrocities Mortgage in the hopes of specializing as a Mortgage Broker. However, he left this organization in January 2007 and was soon serving as a Senior Consultant for RPM Mortgage Inc. Jon also grew into a Real Estate Developer in June 2007 by establishing Jon Grauman Development but left it all behind in June 2013. By this point, though, he’d already joined Coast Capital Group as a Senior Mortgage Broker (January 2009).

Jon actually parted ways with this financial industry for good in August 2011 and took up the mantle of a Real Estate Agent for Partners Trust Real Estate Brokerage & Acquisitions. Yet, it wasn’t until April 2014 that he became a part of The Agency as the Director of the Estates Division. Then, in order to further his career, he established the Grauman Rosenfeld Group in partnership with Adam Rosenfeld. Considered one of the best agents in the Los Angeles County area, with record-breaking sales under his belt, we estimate Jon Grauman’s net worth to be about $12 million.

2. Farrah Brittany – $15 Million

Moving on to another member of the Umansky family, we have Farrah Brittany Aldjufrie, the eldest daughter of Kyle Richards and the stepdaughter of Mauricio Umansky. After completing her studies at reputed institutions like New York University and the University of Southern California, she herself decided to follow in Mauricio’s footsteps. She became a member of The Agency in September 2011, when the company was mere months old, and gladly took up the role of Founder/Director of Client Relations. It thus comes as no surprise the Senior Agent of the Umansky Team has gained many honors over the years. Given her immense success, we estimate Farrah Brittany’s net worth to be around $15 million.

1. Mauricio Umansky – $100 Million

Along with Billy Rose and Blair Chang, Mauricio Umansky established The Agency in July 2011. Thanks to the expertise of these three realtors, the organization soon became a massive success. Mauricio himself has made sales equivalent to roughly $4 billion and is the agent with the most $20 million properties under his belt. In fact, he was even involved in the transactions of the Playboy Mansion (the first house in Los Angeles, California, priced at more than $100 million) and the Walt Disney Estate. Thanks to his impressive client list and awe-inspiring work, Mauricio has honestly long been considered one of the best in the industry. He hence continues to play in the field while serving as the CEO of The Agency, which has close to 1500 agents on its payroll across 50 branches in 6 countries. So, with these staggering numbers, we estimate Mauricio’s net worth to be about $100 million.

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