Who Are John Dutton Jr.’s Parents in 1923? Is He Adopted? Theories

Paramount+’s Western series ‘1923’ traces the history of the Dutton family during the titular year, exploring the relationships between the Duttons and the challenges they face and overcome together. The series depicts the saga of the ancestors of John Dutton III, the Dutton patriarch in ‘Yellowstone.’ The second half of the period drama has made the viewers intrigued about John Dutton Jr., the father of John Dutton III. It is initially believed that John Jr. is the son of Jack Dutton but the developments that happen in the first season finale of the show have raised doubts concerning the parentage of the character. If you are eager to know more about John Jr., here are our thoughts concerning the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Who Are John Dutton Jr.’s Parents? Theories

1883’ and ‘1923,’ the prequels to ‘Yellowstone,’ have succeeded in offering an extensive look into the history of the Duttons. Based on the clues the three shows offer, it is initially believed that Jack Dutton is the father of John Dutton Jr. and the grandfather of John Dutton III. When his partner Elizabeth Strafford gets pregnant, the viewers must have started to await the birth of John Jr. as well. However, in the first season finale, Elizabeth ends up having a miscarriage and loses her baby. She tells Jack that she may never become a mother and indirectly asks him to reconsider his decision to share his life with her.

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Jack makes it clear to Elizabeth that he only wants to live with her, even if it means not becoming a father. Considering the significance given to Elizabeth’s miscarriage and her fear of not becoming a mother, it is extremely unlikely that she will become one in the second season. Jack, on the other hand, is adamant about not becoming a father if his partner cannot be a mother. He loves Elizabeth enough to possibly not invite another woman into his life. Therefore, John Jr. most likely is not his biological son. If that’s the case, it is safe to assume that John Jr. is likely Jack’s adoptive son.

The parents of John Jr. can be Spencer Dutton and Alexandra. The couple is on their way to Montana upon knowing about the former soldier’s brother John Dutton Sr.’s death and the attack on the rest of the Duttons. Spencer is expected to fight against Donald Whitfield and Banner Creighton to exact his vengeance on them and protect the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch. Spencer may put his life on the line to fulfill these objectives even if he becomes a father. If Spencer and Alex die amid fighting the enemies of the former’s family after becoming a father and mother respectively, Jack and Elizabeth may adopt their child, who can be John Jr.

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When Elizabeth expresses her fear of not becoming a mother to Jack, the latter consoles her by saying how they can still live a worthful life together, citing the example of Jacob and Cara, who don’t have kids. Although the Dutton patriarch and matriarch couldn’t nurture their child, they became a father and mother to Spencer and John Dutton Sr., possibly after the deaths of James Dutton and his wife Margaret Dutton. Jack and Elizabeth may follow the same path and become the adoptive parents of Spencer’s child, especially since his life can be the cost the family has to pay for eliminating Whitfield as a threat and protecting the Dutton Ranch.

Although Jacob wants to retaliate against Banner, he is waiting for Spencer to join him, especially since he doesn’t trust Jack to be a disciplined fighter. The young man has survived death after confronting it twice at a close distance and Jacob may not want him to risk his life again. Such a decision may keep Jack alive to raise Spencer’s child if the former soldier dies while fighting for the ranch. Considering these factors and possibilities, the biological parents of John Jr. can be Spencer and Alexandra while Jack and Elizabeth can be the adoptive parents. If that’s not the case, Jack and Elizabeth may adopt John Jr. from outside the Dutton family. Either way, John Jr. most likely is an adopted member of the Dutton family.

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