8 Best TV Love Making Scenes of 2019

With so many streaming platforms that now allow us to endlessly binge on TV shows, we truly are living in the golden era of television. For proof, just take a look at all the new TV shows that Netflix has been churning out lately. But besides all the compelling series that we get to view these days, we also get to see several groundbreaking sex scenes that range from being sexy to scandalous, to also being heteronormative. Some might argue that this progression that television has made towards being more open-minded is a mistake. But if you think about it, sex is a normal part of our lives, pretty much like everything else, and there’s no reason why even cinema should shy away from it. In fact, a lot of times, sex can also be used for exploring darker themes; example: ‘House of Cards‘.

With so many of these shows coming out every single week, you may not be able to keep up with all of them. So we have decided to make sure that you do not miss out on some of the most provocative, erotic sex scenes that these shows offer. We have already covered the best TV sex scenes all of all time, so this article will only be confined to the ones that were featured in shows released this year. Here’s the list of the best TV sex scenes of 2019:

8. Dark (Incestuous Time Travel)

Since its release in 2017, ‘Dark‘ has gained a lot of popularity because of its intricate plot, brilliant cinematography and evocative background scores. ‘Dark’ is often compared with ‘Stranger Things‘ because both of them belong to the sci-fi genre. But while ‘Stranger Things’ is a show that is more suitable for kids or younger teens, ‘Dark‘ has a story with a lot more maturity in it. Speaking of maturity, right from the very beginning, ‘Dark’ has been bold with its depiction of sex and nudity.

When I say incestuous sex and relationships, you probably start thinking about Dany and Jon Snow from ‘Game of Thrones‘. Only a few would actually think about the creepier relationship between Jonas (Louis Hofmann) and Martha (Lisa Vicari). Their relationship is one complicated mess that involves confusing wonders of time travel. So their brief moment of lovemaking not only turns you on but also leaves you completely baffled.

7. Good Omens  (Prophesied Sex)

If you’re a big fan of ‘Doctor Who‘ or Neil Gaiman’s stories, ‘Good Omens‘ is the perfect fantasy mini-series for you. Overall, unlike most other extreme TV shows on this list, ‘Good Omen’ is fairly less graphic and profane. In fact, with parental guidance, this show can also be enjoyed by the ones who are even below the age of 13. Now you must be wondering how this series still made it to this list. I’ll tell you why. In the show, the world is on the brink of absolute destruction and that’s when two main protagonists, Newton (Jack Whitehall) and Anathema (Adria Arjona), end up having sex for the first time. While this might still seem normal, the fact that their first time had been prophesied hundreds of years ago makes it really unusual. And this bizarre nature of their sex is the reason why it is featured on the list.

6. Bonding (Pretty Much Everything)

With a short span of just 7 episodes that have an average runtime of 15 minutes, ‘Bonding‘ is one show you can easily binge on. Despite its extremely over-the-top nature, it still manages to stick to its dark comedy and even presents a fairly decent story. Graphic nudity and explicit profanity are common occurrences in this show, which makes it obvious that it may not be suitable for a lot of people. While the satirical side of it is quite enjoyable, it has some of the weirdest WTF-moments that will shock you to the core.

From the premise itself, which revolves around a gay man who decides to work with his dominatrix bestie, one can tell that this TV series is not for the faint-hearted. But out of all the disturbing scenes that sporadically occur throughout its runtime, there is one where the male lead casually pees on a stranger in a bizarre pink room while his best friend just stands there and stares. This may not exactly be seen as a sex scene but it qualifies to be on this list purely because of its weirdness.

5. Claws (Furry Sex)

On the surface, this TNT show is about the lives of a few women who run a nail salon in Florida. But it actually delves deeper into the struggles that these women face and explores several issues concerning women empowerment. With its season 3, that recently premiered in 2019, ‘Claws’ has seriously gone bonkers. The show literally has no chill and from the first episode itself, it brings in four graphic sex scenes. Though they are all quite graphic, almost all of these sex scenes have some very normal setups. Just when you start getting used to the boldness of ‘Claws’, you get to witness a kind of sex scene that has never been portrayed in any American series before. Dr. Ken, played by Jason Antoon, ends up saving someone’s life and that’s when his girlfriend decides to reward him with some weird furry fetish. Both of them wear fluffy animal suits and have sex somewhere deep inside the forest. If we could describe this scene with just one word, it would definitely be “kinky”.

4. Black Mirror (XXX Gaming)

Episode 1 of Black Mirror’s Season 5 explores the world of surreal virtual combat gaming. It revolves around two long-time friends who spend a lot of time gaming together. Danny (Anthony Mackie) is more of a family man who is about to have a child and Karl (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) seems to be more into the casual dating scene. One night, in their respective homes, the two get together to play a newly released insanely realistic combat game known as ‘Striking Vipers’. While Karl chooses to be a female character, Danny goes for a male fighter named Lance.

The boys have fun testing all kinds of power moves on each other and that’s when things suddenly take an awkward turn. Through their characters in the gaming world, they start making out and even have sex for the first time. And as weird as all of it feels, it actually gives them sensations very similar to that of real-life sex. What makes this scene so significant is how it initially confuses the two friends into believing that they could possibly be gay. They even go as far as kissing each other in real life just to make sure that they’re not homosexual. Also, this pokes fun at the present online gaming scenario where many gamers choose characters that are opposite to their real-life gender. While all this may still be okay during the present times, ‘Striking Vipers’ portrays how virtual gaming might have a very dark future.

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3. Euphoria (One Direction Fan Fiction)

HBO’s ‘Euphoria‘ is one show that has been trending lately because of its provocative depictions of teenage sexuality. The show is adapted from an Israeli series that goes by the same name and follows the life of a 17-year-old teen named Rue (Zendaya) who plans to revive her drug addiction right after she walks out of rehab. The plot also shifts its focus on to other teenage lives who orbit Rue in one way or the other.

Euphoria‘ clearly does not hold itself back when it comes to depicting bold NSFW content. But one scene that took the whole internet by storm is its portrayal of a fanfiction dream sequence written by one of the characters. In this dream sequence, Harry Styles from One Direction gently massages the back of his fellow bandmate Louis Tomlinson. This seductive massage further leads to a very intimate moment between the two teenage sensations. While many One Direction fans have always seemed to ship this fictitious relationship, the band members were not really happy about it.

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2. Sex Education (Ncuti Gatwa and Connor Swindells)

Sex Education‘, as the name suggests, is about all the uncomfortable realities that hit a bunch of teens after they experience having sex for the first time. Each episode features a new awkward sexual experience that a teen couple is going through. The main protagonist, Otis (Asa Butterfield), does not have much experience when it comes to lovemaking. But surprisingly, he is able to give some good advice to those who have been facing some issues of their own. Soon, with the help of a street smart “bad” girl and his gay best friend, he sets an underground sex clinic where he counsels his troubled school mates. But from what it looks like, he might also have some serious unaddressed sexual problems of his own.

Each episode starts off with a sex scene which then becomes the main storyline for that episode and while this unfolds, there are other mini-plots thrown around, here and there, that further add to the overarching story. Almost every sex scene in the show holds a deeper value, so each one of them could easily be a worthy mention on this list. But this one scene between Eric and Adam comes off as a major shocker. From the beginning of the show, it was pretty evident that Eric is gay but as viewers, we are forced to believe that Adam only bullies him because he is the school jock. When Eric and Adam get carried away during a fight and end up having sex for the first time, that’s when it hits you that all the bullying was nothing but a manifestation of Adam’s internalized homophobia.

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1. Special (Ryan O’Connell and a Sex Worker)

‘Special’ is a comedy series that is more of semi-autobiographical film, that stars and revolves around the life of actor-write Ryan O’Connell. He plays the role of a man who suffers from cerebral palsy and decides to let go of his real identity. Setting out on an adventure to live the life he has always dreamt of, he gives up on his old sullen lifestyle of blogging and starts heading towards adulthood by taking one step at a time. Apart from all the great humor that this show packs, it has some extremely moving heart touching moments that might make you rethink about certain aspects of your own life.

Unlike other shows on this list, this one does not have too many sex scenes. But there is this one incredible scene that is enough to make it a worthy mention on this list. It all starts off when Ryan decides to have sex for the first time. To make this happen, his friends get him in touch with a sex worker named Shae. What makes this sex scene stand out from all the others out there is how it normalizes gay sex by portraying it in a way we’re used to seeing heterosexual lovemaking. Apart from that, it also opens up the idea of a person with disabilities getting involved in sexual activities, which is something you will rarely find in any other TV series.

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