Infiesto: 8 Similar Thriller Movies You Must See

Netflix’s ‘Infiesto‘ is a mystery thriller movie set in 2020 against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic in the small mining town of Infiesto. The narrative of the Spanish movie revolves around the case of a found missing woman who reappears years after she was reported missing. In order to get to the bottom of this strange and unusual case, two detectives — Samuel García and Castro — are called to the town. As they get deeper into their investigation, some dark secrets come to light.

Written and directed by Patxi Amezcua, the crime drama film features stellar onscreen performances from a talented ensemble cast, comprising Isak Férriz, Iria del Río, Juan Fernández, and José Manuel Poga. The movie explores a wide range of themes and subjects, including detectives and a complicated case. So, if you like watching such films, you might want to give the below-listed recommendations a try too.

8. Gone Baby Gone (2007)

Based on the 1998 novel titled ‘Gone, Baby, Gone’ by Dennis Lehane, ‘Gone Baby Gone’ is a 2007 crime thriller movie co-written and directed by Ben Affleck that revolves around two private detectives, portrayed by Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan, who investigate the kidnapping case of a young girl abducted from her single mother’s apartment. Just like ‘Infiesto,’ the detectives in ‘Gone Baby Gone’ are also a pair of a man and a woman as they deal with several complications in order to get to the bottom of the strange case.

7. The Body (2019)

A remake of the 2012 eponymous Spanish film by Oriol Paulo, ‘The Body’ is an Indian mystery thriller movie directed by Jeethu Joseph that revolves around the sudden disappearance of a woman’s corpse from the morgue. Rishi Kapoor essays the character of the detective Jairaj Rawal, who gets assigned to the case and chases the truth.

With all eyes on the woman’s husband Ajay Puri as the primary suspect, Jairaj soon finds out that there is much more depth to the case than he imagined. Although there is no involvement of serial murders or an alive missing person, the Emraan Hashmi starrer shares a few similarities with ‘Infiesto’ by being another detective movie with lots of twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat.

6. The Little Things (2021)

Another crime thriller on the list is the John Lee Hancock directorial ‘The Little Things.’ Starring Denzel Washington, Rami Malek, and Jared Leto, the movie is set in the early 1990s LA and follows two detectives, Joe Deacon and Jim Baxter, who must put their differences aside and work together to investigate a series of mysterious murders in the city. Just like Samuel and Castro in ‘Infiesto’ come to the realization that there is a pattern, Joe and Jim in ‘The Little Things’ also realize that all the murders are connected and a sole perpetrator might be behind them.

5. The Invisible Guardian (2017)

Based on the novel ‘El guardián invisible’ by Dolores Redondo, ‘The Invisible Guardian’ (originally titled ‘El guardián invisible’) is a 2017 Spanish thriller movie directed by Fernando González Molina. The narrative follows an FBI-trained cop named Amaia Salazar, who is forced to return to her hometown in Navarre when the body of a murdered teen girl is found.

Leading the case, Amaia is on a mission to catch the one responsible for the murders of teens in the town while trying her best to not be phased by her past demons. What connects ‘The Invisible Guardian’ with ‘Infiesto,’ besides being Spanish movies, is the fact that they involve a woman in charge of the case and a serial killer who targets mostly women in a small town.

4. Regression (2015)

Starring Ethan Hawke, Emma Watson, David Thewlis, and Lothaire Bluteau, ‘Regression’ is a 2015 psychological thriller movie written and helmed by Alejandro Amenábar that follows a detective and a psychoanalyst who take a deep dive into a sexual assault case perpetrated by a guilty man who doesn’t have any memory of the crime. The duo’s search for answers leads them to the evidence of the existence of a satanic cult behind it all. Two professionals of the opposite sex investigating a strange case and the presence of a cult are a couple of themes and subjects that link ‘Regression’ and ‘Infiesto.’

3. Marshland (2014)

Co-written and directed by Alberto Rodríguez, ‘Marshland’ (originally titled ‘La isla mínima’) is a Spanish mystery thriller film set in 1980 in a small town near Coto of Doñana. Just like ‘Infiesto,’ it also follows two detectives who are assigned to lead the disappearance case of two teens and are called to the aforementioned town from Madrid. They must keep their differences aside for the time being and do their best to bring the perpetrator to justice. The themes of kidnapping, two detectives, an eerie town, and a killer, can be found in both ‘Infiesto’ and ‘Marshland.’

2. May God Save Us (2016)

Originally titled ‘Que Dios nos perdone,’ ‘May God Save Us’ is another Spanish crime thriller film on the list co-written and directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen. Set in the summer of 2011 in Madrid, the narrative follows two inspectors — Velarde and Alfaro — who must get to the bottom of the rape and murder cases of older women committed by a brutal serial killer. In a race against the clock, before the killer collects more victims, the two must solve the case and catch the perpetrator.

Both movies in question are set against the backdrop of some kind of crisis. While ‘Infiesto’ is set against the backdrop of the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, ‘May God Save Us’ pays special attention to the economic crisis. Moreover, the predominant themes of targeted violence against women and serial killers also connect the films.

1. Kiss the Girls (1997)

Based on the 1995 eponymous best-selling novel by James Patterson, ‘Kiss the Girls’ is a 1997 neo-noir crime drama movie helmed by Gary Fleder starring some of the biggest names in the Hollywood industry, including Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Cary Elwes, and Alex McArthur. The narrative follows Dr. Kate McTiernan who is kidnapped and finds herself in a shady lair among many other imprisoned women.

Kate somehow manages to escape from the kidnapper’s clutches and later teams up with Detective Nick Ruskin who believes that the individual they are looking for is a serial killer known as Casanova. What links ‘Kiss the Girls’ with ‘Infiesto’ is that it also deals with similar themes of kidnapping, serial killers, and detectives.

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