Too Hot to Handle Season 4: Where is the Cast Now? Who Are Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is a dating show that needs no introduction. As a part of the show, several young men and women must try to form romantic connections without partaking in any sexual activities. Needless to say, each broken rule leads to steamy moments and a boatload of drama. The recently released season 4 of the reality series continues the concept with some gorgeous participants whom you cannot help but admire. While some of them were able to find a love match, others were not so lucky. If you are eager to know what the cast members are put these days, we have your back!

Where Are Jawahir Khalifa And Nick Kici Now?

Starting off with the winners of ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 4, we have Jawahir Khalifa and Nick Kici, who took home the cash prize worth $89,000. As of writing, the pair has not made any official announcement regarding their relationship status, though we are sure their fans are rooting for a positive outcome. Hailing from Amsterdam, Netherlands, Jawahir is working as a professional model with a highly impressive fan following that surely got a boost after her performance in the Netflix show. Her on-screen beau, Nick Kici, is an active model, actor, and artist. Additionally, he seems dedicated to the spiritual side of life and loves to travel around the work, an interest he shares with his Dutch castmate. The reality TV star is seemingly based in Los Angeles, California.

Where Are Kayla Richart And Sebastian “Seb” Melrose Now?

The duo of Kayla Richart and Sebastian “Seb” Melrose was among the top two final couples. Presently, the former works as a model and often partakes in a multitude of photoshoots. She also seems to enjoy making short video content for platforms like Tik Tok through which she has amassed an impressive following. Her videos include lifestyle blogs and makeup tutorials. It seems that the Netflix star is presently based in Los Angeles, California.

Meanwhile, Seb is a professional motorsports racing driver with a mind for business. As of writing, he serves as the co-owner of Reprimo, a natural supplement brand. The official status of his relationship with the American beauty has not been announced yet though they do seem to be on amicable terms. The two seem to be living on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, but it is a hurdle that they discussed while on the show. Seb also appears to be on good terms with Creed McKinnon, and the two castmates recently met up and traveled around Spain.

Where Are Brittan Byrd And James Pendergrass Now?

Despite several ups and downs, Brittan Byrd and James Pendergrass were able to end the season together as a couple, much to the happiness of their fans. The two Hawaii natives have not yet made any announcements regarding the status of their relationship since their time on the show. However, they do seem to be on amicable terms and pay each other multiple compliments on social media.

Presently, Brittan works as a professional model and is seemingly affiliated with Next Management and Premier Models and Talent. Her social media following is nothing short of impressive, and the platforms often feature gorgeous pictures of the reality TV star. Brittan also uses her popularity to shed light on issues she feels strongly about, like the pro-choice movement. Meanwhile, James is a physical therapist, a basketball player, and a content creator. His videos often revolve around physical fitness and have helped him gain many admirers.

Where is Creed McKinnon Now?

Moving on to Creed McKinnon, the cast member may have been booted out from the show before the final ceremony, but that did not stop him from gaining a multitude of fans. As of writing, none of his on-screen relationships seem to have panned out, though his friendship with Seb Melrose is going strong. In fact, the duo recently visited Spain and the city of Los Angeles, where they met up with James Pendergrass. The Australian contestant is a successful businessman thanks to his role as the co-founder of Versaware Technologies. He also seems active in the entertainment industry and is affiliated with Hypesight.

Where is Sophie Stonehouse Now?

Unfortunately, Sophie Stonehouse had to leave the dating show mid-way after her failed connection with Creed McKinnon. However, she has seemingly not let the experience negatively affect her. As of writing, the English cast member is seemingly single and focused on herself and her career. She works as an Event Manager and has been with Global Fund for Children since 2018. Additionally, the reality TV star is a digital content creator and is affiliated with All-Star Entertainment, a talent management organization.

Where is Flavia Laos Urbina Now?

Though Flavia Laos Urbina entered the Netflix series mid-way through season 4, she certainly left an impact on the viewers, thanks to her romance with Creed McKinnon. However, the duo has not made any official announcements regarding their relationship as of writing, though they do seem to be on amicable terms. As it turns out, Flavia is a well-known Peruvian actress, TV host, singer, and model. Her music is available on platforms like YouTube, and she launched her latest song, “Ahora me llamas,” on the platform on October 2, 2022. Her work in the Peruvian entertainment industry is certainly impressive, and the Netflix star seems to be set on gaining international recognition.

Where is Nigel Jones Now?

It seems that Nigel Jones has long turned his passion for fitness into a lucrative source of income. As of writing, he serves as the owner of Eurofit, a physical fitness company. The organization has branches in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Additionally, Nigel also serves as a Personal Trainer for Eurofit. The reality TV star seems to have a love for luxurious cars and often posts pictures of the same on social media. He was also seen in Nia Sultana’s music video for “Cristal,” which premiered on July 25, 2022. When not working hard, Nigel seems to enjoy traveling and has been to countries like Jamaica and UAE. Though he has not shared any official updates regarding his relationship status with Dominique Defoe, the duo does seem to be on friendly terms.

Where is Dominique Defoe Now?

As of writing, Dominique Defoe is pursuing her computer science degree and is apparently based in Colorado. She also has an impressive following on TikTok and promotes different products on LTK, a small business platform. She is also a part of the Amazon affiliate program, which allows her to promote brands efficiently. Thanks to her reality TV show appearance, Dominique has seen a boost in her number of admirers. There has been no official news regarding her relationship status, as the reality TV contestant seems focused on herself at present.

Where is Imogen Ewan Now?

With her arrival on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 4, Imogen Ewan was the third person to have a connection with Creed McKinnon. If the duo has rekindled their romance outside of the show’s retreat, which honestly seems unlikely, they have not shared any news regarding the same as of writing. A proud Australian with Korean ancestry, Imogen is a social media influencer who occasionally works as a model as well. As it turns out, her connection to the Netflix show is not just due to her appearance in the series. In fact, she once lived in the same place in the City of Angels as Georgia Hassarati, one of the finalists of the third iteration of the series. Additionally, she has previously been on ‘Take Me Out,’ an Australian dating show.

Where is Shawn Wells Now?

Once a part of the US Army, Shawn Wells now works as a model and musician. His foray into the latter field seems to be recent, as the reality TV star released his first-ever song, “Christmas Bae,” in 2022. To listen to his rap song, you can check out the singer on any standard streaming platform like Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Additionally, he seems to enjoy making TikTok videos that are both hilarious and eye-catching. We do not believe that Shawn is dating anyone as of writing.

Where is Ethan Smith Now?

Last but not least, we have Ethan Smith, who turned many heads with his appearance on the Netflix show. As it turns out, the English reality TV star is a model who likes to make videos on Instagram and TikTok. Though his romantic life did not work out for the best in the show, Ethan seems to have made friends with some of the castmates. In fact, he recently met up with Seb Melrose and Creed McKinnon in London, UK, and seems to have enjoyed their company. He has actually met up with Seb multiple times and even shared a picture of himself with Nigel Jones.

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